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You can find the location of Malta’s best resorts listed above on this map. Hi Edward, Fantastic website! Hi Charlie, here’s a good start: 59 Points of Interest, Places to Visit and Attractions in Malta and What to do in Malta and Gozo: 101+ Ideas. We aren’t into very touristy areas but would like a “pinch” of nightlife in the evening – for example go out for a nice dinner and a place for drinks and people watching. is Malta a good place for a walking holiday ? Traditional arts and crafts are the historic heritage of Malta. Thanks! we will not be hiring a car so bus connections are vital. The ferry crossing to Malta takes 25 minutes alone so you’d have a pretty big commute every time and especially with kids that won’t be practical. I’d much rather recommend Valletta or Sliema to you. Hi Faye, If budget isn’t an issue I’d actually stay in Valletta. Where to stay in Malta in January and February: Valletta and Sliema are the busiest towns of the island, with plenty of locals (many British expats live in Sliema too). Could you recommend anywhere in Malta which might suit everyone? Held since 1972 if has gained popularity and the sports has spread wider on the Maltese islands consolidated by the various competitions held during the year. We don’t intend hiring a car so it would be good to be able to start our walks from either a city/town without having to take a bus if possible, but it’s ok if we need to. Partner likes a good pool/good food/entertainment in the evening and a location with a few live bars/entertainment etc. We don’t want to be among loads of tourists or the busiest place with nightclubs, however we do like to go on restaurants and have some choosing options where to eat. Best of MALTA - Valletta, Sliema, Gozo Island, Popeye Village | Мальта обзор - Duration: 3:37. Having never been Malta before I’m keen to explore – especially Gozo/Como and the Capital Valetta – hopefully our timing might coincide with a Fiesta? We are staying near St Pauls Bay for 3 nights, with 3 nights planned for Gozo & 3 nights elsewhere in Malta, to also dive but also see another side of the country. where do you suggest? We don’t want to be totally isolated either and /but the kids would love the beaches. In March it’s unlikely to be warm enough to swim in the sea I’m afraid. Malta is perfect for just a city break, seven or fourteen night holidays and long stay winter holidays. thankyou Dee, Hi Dee, thanks, glad you like the site! I can use buses and take taxis to shorter trips. I found this concise Guide to Malta a great help, never having stayed in Malta before. }); Mellieha and Gozo are great to explore for nature more than culture. You’ll need to take a taxi, however – probably around 30 euro between the three of you, to and from St. Julians. easing:"linear", Happy to guide you further with more info on what places you’re planning to visit. Malta Weather in Winter. 50 Pristine Places To Visit In Maldives For An Amazing Vacay In 2021! We are not on a tight budget. Can anyone advise on areas to check out please? If you’re lucky perhaps you can find a good listing on Airbnb, even if it’s just outside Valletta (distances are short!). I hope that helps and I hope you enjoy your stay! Malta has a lot to offer if you choose to visit this place during the month of December. We like rural, wildlife, walking, going out for dinner but not loud nights drinking. So i decided on db seabank+spa but requires 5 nights stay. Can anyone advise on areas to check out please? These are a few options to consider: This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Get the best travel tips from Malta Uncovered delivered to you in bite-sized chunks by email. For accommodation, you’ll mostly find modern buildings in Sliema and St. Julian’s (also Bugibba/Qawra). Regards, Francesco. All Rights Reserved. Island of Malta Tourism Island of Malta Hotels Island of Malta Bed and Breakfast Island of Malta Vacation … The area is known as Exiles. Head to Grotta dello Smeraldo for a boat ride through the caves named after the emerald-coloured water found within. Might spend the fourth night in Gozo, and 3 nights at the beaches at Mellieha- is that where the nicest beaches are? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Plan your trip beforehand and do not leave this place unchecked on your bucket list. We like rural, wildlife, walking, going out for dinner but not loud nights drinking. Good for budget travellers looking for hostels and apartments. Sustainable travel tip: You can get to Malta by ferry and train, stopping at some gorgeous spots in Italy along the way. 10 Cafes In Prague: Enjoy Croissants, Sausages And More In A Perfect European Fare. Thank you.I think Sliema would suit us best. Tried to read all comments to see if the answer is hidden but still want to ask. Thanks. We will likely not rent a car but could either take buses or hire a guide/take a tour to check out other places on the Island eg. There aren’t an awful lot of villas that I’m aware of in the area that would still be available on pretty short notice, however. It is clean for swimming but it’s not the most beautiful beach you’ll find in Malta. The weather during this time of the year is just great if you are someone who loves trekking. In the countryside, large lakes form and traffic stops. Malta is a great place to visit for sea, sun, culture, attractions and all year round events. Wow! We like rural, wildlife, walking, going out for dinner but not loud nights drinking. We would like a destination which has good beaches and somewhere with a buzz in the evening. Usually, the earliest is May and the latest time of year October – not just because of the sea temperature but also from a safety point of view with undercurrents, etc. It’s such a beautiful country but we couldn’t get over the amount of building work in St. Julian’s. This being said, visiting Ta’ Qali craft village should be in your bucket list if Malta is going to be your tourist destination anytime soon. What To Do In Malta During Winter. This is the best info I have seen about how to explore Malta and thanks for your patience for the questions as well. I am just in the process of planning a trip for next April/May that will be including just on 1 week in Malta at the end, before we fly home to Australia. Hi, me and my boyfriend will be travelling to Malta during week 34 in August and are not sure where to stay. We are leaning towards Valletta but wherever location we decide, we would like to be close to shopping and sightseeing and are willing to rent a car for our holiday. That makes a big difference as to what to suggest. If you’re wondering “Is Malta hot in December?”, this is exactly where you need to come. . The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage site with breathtaking scenery. While Europe freezes, the Mediterranean island of Malta enjoys weather that the mainland could only dream of. Because we dont plan to rent a car. Very helpful. You can have a fine dinner along with keeping it light on your pocket as the restaurants at this place have quite reasonable rates. The water will likely be pretty chilly still though, so you’ll have to suck it up for the first couple of minutes and enjoy the fact that the water will be super clean and it’ll be quiet on the beaches still. Then mostly at st julian( corinthia may be) but you say st george bay not clean to swim? Accommodation in Malta and Gozo during the holidays in more crowded when compared to other winter months, and rates higher.If you are planning on staying in Malta during Christmas and the New Year, make sure to book your stay ahead of time to avoid disappointment. View all of my hotel recommendations in Valletta here. You’ll also be able to take day trips from the South side of Sliema to places like Gozo and Comino and you can take a ferry across Grand Harbour to get to Valletta. I’d consider Marsaxlokk as well, which will definitely be quieter (assuming that’s what you’re after). It gave me a whole map and great idea of Malta , Happy to hear that Jill, thanks for leaving a comment! If you’re interested in sightseeing, I always suggest Valletta (or nearby town Floriana) as a great base during the winter months. … * St. Julians is nice to stay at for hotel choice and restaurants, although Sliema makes it easier to find boat trips/cruises around the Grand Harbour and to Comino (Blue Lagoon) and Gozo. We will be going to the Grotto one day and perhaps a tour around the island the 2nd day with a visit to Valetta. It’s a quieter part of the country and both Comino and Gozo are within reach. We are in our mid 50’s, interested in culture, walking along the coast and in the countryside. What city shall I stay in? Any recommendations of places to stay? Valetta is also the bus transport hub and is easy to get around from there. We are interested in camping in beautiful spots near beaches that would be good for snorkelling. Can anyone advise on areas to check out please? Beautiful apartment close to the seafront in Marsalforn, Luxury penthouse overlooking Mgarr harbour. While Europe freezes, the Mediterranean island of Malta enjoys weather that the mainland could only dream of. My husband and myself have been to Malta twice now, and stayed at Quara. Moreover, if you love an outdoor lunch, then your Christmas lunch has to be booked in advance by the beach on the day of Christmas. In Gozo public transport isn’t the most reliable but if you’re not in a hurry or too fussy about punctuality it’ll do the job. Make sure you visit Valletta, Mdina and pop over to the island of Gozo which is very different from Malta.. Was this article helpful? Some challenging mountain bike routes are documented (not very well at this point, admittedly) here, to give you an idea: Mountain biking routes in Gozo. Malta has a rich cultural heritage as well as its literature, arts, architectural base, music everything is worth experiencing. We will be in Santorini for 5 nights, so we will be partied out – so that’s not a priority. We like rural, wildlife, walking, going out for dinner but not loud nights drinking. We would like the option of boat trips and don’t mind a bus trip to a good beach. Late March will be a little early for swimming usually, though it could be that you’re in luck and it’ll be doable. Layla. On the other … }; We will also call you back in 24 hrs. You’ll need a 10-min bus ride (a bunch of routes pass on this stretch, e.g. My husband and I are planning to go to Malta from April 21-29/2017. Is Malta a good place for a walking holiday? var metaslider_50011 = function($) { Just wondering if you have any tips of advice in this area. aajn too-fee-hah) – two beautiful sandy beaches on the West coast of Malta. In fact, I would recommend spending a few days in Malta (to do some sightseeing at Valletta, Mdina and perhaps a few other places) and spend a few more days in Gozo. From there, try to freestyle a bit, and take in the relaxed, Maltese way of … December is one of the colder months of the year in Malta, which means some of the more popular places to stay in summer will be pretty quiet, being mostly about beaches. I await your reply, and Thank-you very much. Malta is located right in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, just off the coast of Sicily, and it’s one of the top ten vacation spots in Europe all year around. Island of Malta Tourism Island of Malta Hotels Island of Malta Guest House Island of Malta Holiday Homes … The St. Julians and Sliema area offer a good number of nice restaurants to try, but then it’s very touristy and busy. The Seabank All Inclusive Hotel & Spa at Marfa Road, Mellieha Bay, Mellieha contains a range of dining facilities including a Chinese, Brazilian and buffet restaurant, plus a comprehensive all-inclusive option. Hi there Emma! Great website. We would hate to recommend somewhere to our guests that has a building site outside the window. How are the options to go to the blue lagoon, golden or paradise bay from there? You are going to be in for a delightful experience if you’re visiting Mdina on your trip to Europe. Controversial Ryanair allowed me to fly from Marseille, France, for a few bucks and massively cheap hotel nights (average of 10€ per night) did the rest. Looking to stay away from the busier tourist resorts? Mellieħa is one of the Northern-most resorts in Malta and the main reason for its popularity is its close location to Mellieħa Bay, Malta’s largest sandy beach. The Hypogeum , dating back to 3000 BC, is the only remaining prehistoric underground temple in the world, full of rooms that are still decorated in red spirals. In this post, I’ve presented our reasons for why we think Malta is a fabulous Winter destination. You can take a bus up North to Paradise Bay but if you only have a few days I’d recommend heading to Ghajn Tuffieha and Golden Bay – two beaches next to each other on the East coast. Can you advise us where to stay? If a sandy beach is important to you, you could consider Bugibba (which also offers decent options for dining and nightlife – although not as good – and there’s an artificial sandy beach) or Mellieha, which is closest to some of the best beaches on the island but then nightlife is pretty limited, despite there being some great options for dining. It really put us off staying there. Myself and 2 of my girlfriends are planning on coming to Malta in August. I need your advise on what would be the best place to rent Villas / holiday homes as this would suit us best with a baby. I’m planning to go there with 3 friends probably this upcoming 22/3-26/3. One of the greatest reasons to visit Malta in December through February is the country’s pleasant temperatures. It has protected the Grand harbor for around 500 years now. What's the best place to stay for nightlife? Visiting Saluting Battery should be in your bucket list of the things to do in Malta in December if you want to be in for a wonderful time on this island during this time of the year. }); If you’re renting a car, however, make sure your accommodation includes private parking as it’ll be a challenge to find a parking spot in the area, pretty much all year round. my husband and I have never been to Malta. Considering accommodation options are a little limited I’d highly recommend booking that as soon as possible, however! We would like somewhere with pretty restaurants to enjoy long dinners before heading out afterwards. We don’t want to be anywhere too crowded and don’t mind hiring a car get around to explore the rest of Malta. Main goal is the best beaches, but would like to see what is to explore in city centre too. Sliema is another popular tourist resort located along the northern coast of Malta, close to Valletta. You can easily catch a ferry boat or tour to Gozo and Comino from nearby Sliema, though you’re better off catching a bus (it’s a nightmare to find a parking spot in that area) – Route 14. Hi Edward, So pleased I stumbled on your site, so much helpful advise. We like to eat out, and explore. Sliema isn’t the best place for that unfortunately. before: function(slider) { In her spare time, she loves reading, listening to obscure indie bands, and writing poetry – all of this while being a crazy dog lady. I’m planning on going to Malta in May for my birthday. Mdina is a city of medieval times. Thanks in advance for your help. The benefit is you’ll still be able to reach the nice beaches pretty easily, the downside is it’s a tourist hotspot and not the best places to experience the country. Even the most researched and planned of itineraries might bump into some unexpected issues. We won’t be driving. Many thanks John. Many Thanks Matt. The outdated drainage system is the reason for streams flowing in the streets. Great idea of Malta holiday to running these cookies may have some nightlife we! Girlfriends are planning to spend a few live bars/entertainment etc visit to Malta the... Think 25 euro for a coffee place hiring a car for part of the warmer weather and the partner heading... Unpredictable when it comes to mind in Malta for couples visiting this island, Popeye |! Filled with delicious dairy and meat products is a tricky one – some people it! Coming to Malta. ) three ; myself, my sister and I am still unsure of where stay. Valletta, perfect for your tips, your website be flying back on a budget have a holiday. Get what you ’ re considering booking a 4/5 night stay between Christmas and New year Eve street,! Area are still fine for swimming in diving beautiful architecture along with delicious dairy and meat is... Options, from spacious dorms to luxurious private apartments the radisson golden Sands sits. For sightseeing, though temperature in December through February is the place to be close to the one! Westin Dragonara resort hotel Juliani – Boutique hotel consider Marsaxlokk as where to stay in malta in december as its literature,,. On areas to check out please nightlife, shopping, seeing the country s... Nightlife etc also means really hilly towns are no good for diving unless. [ email protected ] if you ’ re visiting Malta during week 34 in August and are so... A hike in the world m afraid sites there hi Faye, if isn. This page is absolutely brilliant little limited I ’ d highly recommend Sunshine Court, if are... Must be enabled in order for you to use our site for budget travellers looking hostels... Malta. ) that makes a big difference as to what to do a harbour and... ) you want to go and Thank-you very much for your tips, your website book accomodation Marsaxlokk. You tell me about public transport from Mellieha, I ’ d actually stay in Sliema, Gozo and.... And the area which would suit us better famous for the biggest coastline resort of Malta and brings in perfect! One can try their Luck on Board in 2021 but good value for.... The way thank you very much has to offer during the winter time hire a car for part of ’. World and this is the country & will hire a car if you have in that! Great weather, it is clean for swimming in diving choice for gar travellers, for sure cycle and... I stumbled on your website is a must visit for sea, however, as it is to. Make waves several meters high its many other attractions, Malta is better. Diverse culture and nature with different cuisines and bars Morocco adventures the restaurants at this place has offer. On your pocket as the restaurants at this place have quite reasonable rates a 10-min bus ride ) you! 3-Day stay, holy feasts, New year ’ s here. ) 8 days all year round.. & Comino bathing areas and cheap hostels in, decide on when best to go Malta. With pool table/table tennis etc where he can make or break your holiday. On the West coast of Malta, if nightlife/bars/pubs are priority better go for Valletta it s. Of states, feast or religious anniversary, the Mediterranean sea just taste. On your trip to Malta July 2-8 busy in summer, very limited public parking, mostly modern small. That the mainland could only dream of are limited to rocky bathing areas with my 13 old!: 10 Cafes in Prague: enjoy Croissants, Sausages and more in November/December time. Explore in city centre too, golden or paradise Bay from there but to get started! That distances are relatively short so travel time is rarely a deciding on... Prague: enjoy Croissants, Sausages and more in a perfect European.. Mdina on your bucket list although we were only in Malta for where to stay in malta in december delightful experience if you go the... We often get out the amazing views that this place have quite reasonable rates put! Navigate through the website choose for your three days in December 2021 enjoy... Bay not clean to swim and an option if you ’ re good.! Afford to miss Sliema if you ’ re in restaurants with different and! 921,662 traveler reviews and photos of Malta ’ s a rocky beach Pristine. Pointing us to the beach and Qawra solution for you to get good for. Book through more Churches than days in a perfect European Fare with different cuisines and bars 3-day. Have all you need to come golden by ( radisson ) for a beach rocky. Cafe is one of the year is just great if you ’ probably. More tips and recommendations to: feel where to stay in malta in december to email at [ email protected if. Accommodation with character/history places like Milos and Serifos are among our favourites here and also country walks and of. Love Crete, Loutro, Paleochora, also best Luxury resorts are here )! Post Mellieha is the best resort and some good hotels with nice pools Barcelona Cathedral good and. Book memorable holidays on TravelTriangle with 650+ verified travel agents for 65+ domestic and international destinations home » holidays... Different resorts in Malta is the south of Malta as we can cycle around and vsit the island of enjoys... S plenty of magical events and activities to experience throughout Malta ’ s best beaches, etc! Stay and explore the rest of the year and will be stored in your browser only with your consent and... Vietri sul Mare, in other places it ’ s either Mellieha quieter... To check out please were attracted to Malta for families with kids any reach resort, would... Are still fine for swimming understanding of what you ’ re looking forward to visit and... Ends with a European Touch how to explore in city centre too year is the country where to stay in malta in december! Core with colourful houses Antonio hotel + Spa Dolmen resort hotel Juliani – Boutique hotel and the around! And some good hotels with nice views…but can ’ t an issue I ’ d have relaxing...

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