About us

HOME TRAINER | Free Online Learning Platform

Established in early 2015 to share FREE videos and online training tutorials for all students, trainers, bloggers, housewives, entrepreneurs, business owners, etc. Is it a one-stop solution & a collaborative platform for all the passionate learners & trainers in each and every field and industry.


We started with some basic tutorials, now it’s empowering more than 86,000+ learners in 186 countries globally by helping them to learn their relevant topics. Learn at your own pace with structured learning categories.

We are already working in the video categories i.e,
Blogging & SEO, website designing – development, WordPress, google analytics, search engine optimization, software training & installations, earn money online, meditation, gym exercise, yoga, cooking, creative DIY videos & lot more…


Home Trainer started with a goal in mind: To make online learning as simple and reachable as possible. Thousands of people in India are constantly looking forward to learning more. Most of the information about learning online is very difficult and hard to understand. Our mission is to educate & teach our clients & community in an easy way as possible.

Home Trainer also aims to solve this by simplifying the information and course content and making it understandable for each and every one. We do this by sharing new ways and ideas through which you can easily learn via the Internet.