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How Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Affects SEO – Why it’s Important and How to Implement it!.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is out and has been speculated to have two benefits for SEO. One is it will have a “Fast” label designation on search engine results pages, and the other is...

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How to Host Multiple Sites & Domains on the Same Server / Hosting Account? [ Home Trainer ~ Watch | Learn | Share ]

Home Trainer started in the early 2015 to share and provide FREE videos and online training tutorials for all the students in the field of Creative & Digital Graphics Designing, Website Design+Development, Architectural, 2D-3D...

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What are breadcrumbs and why are they important for SEO?

What are breadcrumbs and why are they important for SEO? Breadcrumbs are an important part of almost any good website. These little navigational aides not just help people visualize where they are on your...