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Thanks, Not same its spacious then tiago whereas tiago is large in length but headroof space less then celerio, Little difference just 2 to 3inches in all stages, Celerio's Interior is good considering the price range this car comes into. Lot of body noise after some use. It's not celerio ZXI but Its celerioX ZXI. Cons: 1. Well if you get a huge discount go for it .around 50k. You will receive all the communications on : rvmp_mmv,rvmp_similar_cars_slider,rvmp_variant_widget,rvmp_qna,rvmp_model_wise_user_review,rvmp_forum_ask_car_owner. Engine snd pick up are excellent. As it will be cheap and choice can be made easily. But If you sell well maintained Celerio Zxi after 5 Years its resale will be 2.5 Lakhs to 3 Lakhs... That is the difference you see in new car price..... Kwids ride quality is lot better than celerios and handles better than celerio, kwid does have advantage in better equipment better infotainment system. Air bags optional. Difference is only in some additional features in zxi. Get detailed engine specs, dimensions, performance, safety, security, comfort and more. Yes but 1 din only in higher variants. It's too good if u drive on highways too good handling and enough power fir a average car and also gives good milage and it's also comfortable with 4 adults on long distances. Aslo don't forget to rotate the tyres during service. Ground clearance is rather less. Well both the variants are similar in looks and engine performance. i own a AMT for 5 years and have spend much more. Maruti Celerio could be good option if you are looking for a compact car with all the necessary features and a subtle design. Mileage id more than one csn ask. Maruti has a good resale value in market. How many ford aspire do u see on the road? Sir if I will choose vehicles then only maruti company is the best and reliable according to my use and experience then tata vehicle. 2. Great...go and buy it.lnitialy you will find awkward... not using left leg..in a week you will enjoy and wonder why all the people are so wary of AMT.... You will get 18 to 20 km per litre with AC, It's decent nothing exciting or bad to say about it not stable at highways good city car for sure cheap reliable and frugal but I hate the interior quality and overall build quality. However it gets the work done. It is value for money. Moreover, we would suggest you to take a test ride for a better understanding of comfort and compatibility. Just now I cannot capable. If you are lokking for point to point travel with a little longer drive thrown in, yes. but New wagonR is now bigger in space than celerio. Upto you better cars in the market available right now but meh. I feel the best among the lot is Honda brio, but priced high. Both the cars Celerio and Santro are quite good and their top variants come fully loaded with features. Please list out the particulars of the service so that I can help you better. Nee Santro has less curb weight comparatively and has less strong. I still have no issues with my car. Attractive exteriors with remarkable attributes. You'll get bored, the car really doesn't have much to offer, Celerio with all engine options automatic (auto gear shft) smooth engine cng option Great mileage .its the choice.safety features are lacking or not upto the mark. Coming to its rear end, it has a body colored bumper and an expressive boot lid with company's emblem engraved on it. Tiago is reported tobe better in build, safety qualities and mileage. It depends on which sound system you want to install. In Auto shift gear type there is no clutch and the gears change depending on the speed of the car. If you are looking to buy a car for city driving then Celerio top model will be very good which comes full loaded with all the features and is a steal in this price range. You will have to pay substantially more for them. This mill is paired with a five speed manual transmission gear box. Also expect a Celerio X iteration of the next-gen model at a later stage. Maruti Celerio VXI AT Optional wears tyres of 155/80 R13 size. No its up to you, it is just to give you 5 year's headeach free from any major fault of the car, Its not pure automatic. May be after this, will start looking out if I see one. Yes to Mr Raju..its a cost effective method to maintain engine and Vxi has almost all necessary features, zxi has some rxtra features otherwise performance same. Otherwise it should give you 15-17 in city and 9n higeay exceeding 21. Note : The illustrated model is one of the CELERIO series Accessories shown in the … Maruti Celerio LXI is available with driver side airbags. I would have, Nothing except year of manufacture and maybe resale value, NO, but can use Google Maps or HERE Maps for turn by turn Navigation (www******com), Amt has airbags ×2 and is not tested by me, The car already comes with 2 airbags from the company, Except power window, power stearing, electric OVRM, infotainment and ABS are not there. The expressive lines flowing across the doors brings great elegance to its side profile. Celerio gives exceptional mileage. Obviously all this depends on the speed and way you drive your car. Talking about sales and services the my celerio VXI(optional) varient costed me 5.71lakh (18thousand extra for passenger side airbag and ABS which is now mandatory in every car). If you are driving in trafic area then also its ok...i am gettin 17 on highway, Visit the nearest authorized service center, I think for wagon r you should get 2.4 lac to 2.75..and celerio emu could be 8000-8250 for 60 month, Check with cars24 / OLX / Care trade, etc, Exactly , the person driving anyone upto 6.2ft can be real fit in driving the car, as this has more leg room for the driver to the above mentioned, anyone who is above 6.2 will struggle, as i know my height, its so awesome, and this is my suggestion. You can find this feature in ZXI Optional variant with an additional cost of 59,000. If you are looking for a fresh look in the new car that you want to buy then you should go for Celerio. Celerio needs less maintenance and gives good mileage too. Believe ...Read More, The celerio is 3.6 metres long 2.4 metre wheelbase 1.6 metres wide and 1.5 metres high, making it munch larger that the a star. so experiences lagging in gear shifts, Comfortable and no problems are found so for since purchased Nov 2018. It's very small amount if u consider at present maintenance cost of any other cars . Sir there is both model available in the matket mannual and automatic. Zxi gets steering controls, music system, electronic mirrors, bluetooth, and rear wiper which the Vxi does not have, Zxi with music system, abs, alloy wheels only manual mode, rear Thanks, Yes it's worth buying I am getting 25km avg on Thane bandra daily if traffic is more then gives me around 22-26 and on Mumbai Nashik highway gives 27-28its good car. I am using automatic and it is really a great car in this price range. Even I have not seen a black Celerio in Mumbai, where I stay. deprciation value of the car affects if older car purchased. Maruti is simple and value for money,once maruti stop on road then no woory but if your hundai stop thenu have to take to hundai service station, any problem can reconsidered by keep on computer i would prefer maruti, Yes but by key... From in side you open door lock all lock will open. Comfort is also good. I have driven on express way at a speed exceeding 100 kph and found no issues on the contrary the drive was easy and mikeage was around 25-28. Both the cars are quite good and their top variants come fully loaded with features. No, Celerio doesn't come in Black color. I own Celerio vxi manual and get mileage of 13 to 17 in city depending on traffic. Celerio looks more compact compared to i10. It's the features and Transmission that divides them. Vxi MT optional has airbags fro both driver and Passenger. Within a city like Mumbai, you can expect 27-28 Kmpl. View Celerio VXi AGS colors and images at CarTrade. being Maruti it becomes additional value for money even maintenance, Depends on your budget because there are lot others cars with slightly more price which has better engine better chasis better handling better ride quality and lot more features for just some extra so. Maruti Celerio VXI Optional is one of the mid range variants in this model series, which is now offered with essential safety features like dual front airbags and anti lock braking system. Both these axles are also affixed with coil springs, which makes the drive more comfortable. 4534 is the most expensive. As your Dad is habitual with regular transmission, you must by the same. Average is about 17 . if you go 70-90 there will not be any issue . Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXi Price in India is 4.8 lakh. I felt that The oil filter and oil have an expiry thus they should be changed periodically. I have driven celerio from mumbai to ahmedabad thats 520kms non stop. mudguard???????? Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXI AMT (O) BS6 Model Price in India starts with Rs 5.3 Lakh. Check with different sellers near by you. 160 is top speed of celerio , i have already tested it on yamuna expressway .......while going to lucknow from noida ....... 145 bt it can go up bt it's not safe it is better to drive on 120. You can follow some basic rules to enhance the fuel efficiency. Maintenance also low, Not sure, why you think this car has low average. In short, please change the Air and Oil filter during every servicing. But you can install it. Your Air filter change should be every 8000-10000 Kms or the servicing cucle, whichever comes first. Yes, fuel economy is good for both Manual and Automatic variants. Tata Tiago has a nice show but Celerio has service centres everywhere and has sufficient parts. Xllent both City and long drives for a family of five. Celerio, Tiago are front wheel driven.-. Although, you can get this all customized from outside. This is very good and economical city car, provided you need to travel between point A to point B. I am fully satisfied with CNG celerio.... Chalti to hai bhai par pick up thodha kam aata hai specially hill station pe aur pahadi rasta hai to phir thodha bahut dikkat aati hai, I think the engine will feel under-powered, Please do not rely on the Service centre for quality Oil. Celerio zxi dimensions are better and also zxi will have better features then vxi. Hello Friends, PLEASE LIKE & SUBSCRIBE.Maruti Suzuki Celerio available in Petrol and CNG Engine options. .Vxi doesn't have the above, Vxi does not have abs and airbags whereas in zxi the top end you will get all the features, Yes it has a passenger airbag and driver airbag and has a strong body in the amt version, No, but in optional variant have two air bags, From vXi model itself you got dual airbags. We are from Hi, Engine oil and Oil filter shall be changed in every service ideally to get the better average and performance out of the car. I own a Vxi it has an awesome stock music system , if you are saitsfied , then maruthi arena sells are the customising options such as pioneer or sony xplod, go to the maruthi arena showroom , if you want to know more. You may also want to wait for the new Wagon R that's launching on January 23. Yes, Celerio has a semi-automatic variant as well. Thanks. its silhouette has all the elements of the...Read More, First and foremost reason to go in for this model was that it is from Maruti and I am quite satisfied with their service. Hi, I don't think celerio will be any change in segment while shifting from Estilo. celerio is not available in AMT+ CNG variant as of now. It is a great car if you plan to buy and drive in the city. I recently changed all 4 tires and hence my question.Thank you anyways for taking the time to answer my question.Regards. Helps you manoeuvre city traffic like a pro. Both petrol and diesel, but since BS6 i coming in place, most diesels will be stopped, and it will be either petrol or electric or hybrid, According to budget grand i10 is costly then Celerio, according to look Grand i10 is good but heavy engine 1200 CC whereas Celerio comes under 1000 CC engine, Low CC engine gives more average per liter, whereas increase in CC gives low average, but good in performance. With my experience i would say maruti celerio.Cause it has great accelration.if you are overtaking and require speed to surpass the vechicel it has great accelration.its a comfortable car.With petrol the car gives me almost 18 km in 1 litreml. No, I did not face any such problem. I drove Santro Xing base variant for 11 years and my experience was superb. Satisfied.. but built quality is below par..not good for highways..at low rpms vibrations are felt...2nd gear too long ...these are its merits too ..low body weight and good mileage ...you can play at 2nd gear in city it's a boon..high ways CSN be managed if you put good seat covers. You may be right. This hatch looks quite stylish from the outside. Zxi Optional MT has additional alloys, Driver and Passenger Airbags, Fog lamp and ABS as additional features compared to Zxi MT variant, Yes, Maruti celerio is a very good buy in the mid range segment. There is no solution that I can think of for heating up of break pads. Check Maruti Suzuki Celerio Vxi Optional on road price in Mumbai and Pune. No not at all. Celerio is more fit for daily, city type driving. Ford Aspire is a different segment car which is far better. Yes you can buy celerio because this car value for money and maintenance.I use Suzuki vdi disel car.After some days I also bought cng celerio. Ideal for hilly region is a four wheel driven car. Celerio has the same body and space for all variants. I will advice go for manual insteade of autometic..if your daily running is above 50 km then you can choose VXI Green mean CNG it will give youaverage of 24/25 km p kg.... Hi, both the cars are almost same. Hyundai prices are also very high in each segment. I am sure this car has the best auto transmission in this price range, An average service from an authorised dealer after the free services are over shall cost you around 3-3.5k per service after 7-8months, Per service maximum will be 7500 and Minimum will be 4000 average per service will be 5000. suggest you to go for ZXI, ITS GOOD BUT FRANKLY I WOULD PREFER MANUAL. Although Vxi will offer more features compared to Lxi variant thus if you have a budget then go for Vxi, Depends upon your taste.picup is almost same, It's ok even 6feet man can sit w/o any issues .it's not comparable with I10, Grand i10 only without a doubt, because the only drawback for celerio is in terms in Interior quality , and safety and comfort , it loses to hyundai at a great margin, other as an owner of both celerio and Xcent (grand i10 with big boot), i would gladly buy the celerio , else go for the feature laden xcent, by the maruthi has the BEST SPEAKER AND COOLING SYSTEM, because as an owner of xcent i can tell you that xcent has a big issue with A/C which is big thumbs down, otherwise its a safe car to drive. Even tiago has bold style of u modify your celerio with mag and wheels it looks like sports car. All the car comes fully loaded with features and has similar price range. 4 Adults comfortably , 5 also can with a bit of adjustments, Celerio automatic is the best if you can shell out a little more money compared to its manual variant. Celerio has good resale value being Maruti car. The sound system is very basic in Zxi AMT variant. With interiors it has very descent looking exterior also. So my chioce is celerio. Gearbox too is slick shifting and perfectly matches with the rev happy k10B engine(just judders a bit in reverse gear). Build and paint very poor as usual for all Maruti vehicles. In three years I have not faced any problem with my AMT celerio. If you are looking for a fresh look at cars then you should go for Celerio. Moreover, you may refer to the user manual of your vehicle for more details regarding the same. Hi, Even I am 6 feet tall and I drive the car and it's quite comfortable. It returns a certified mileage of 21.63 kmpl. It bears power windows on the front and rear. With Maruti maintenance is negligible. No no no no.Its transmission gets really hot.When I was going on uphill after sometime you will lack of power and also your transmission hot light will blink with buzzer.Go for wagonr instead I mean wagonr Zxiplus AMT 1.2. Agreed that celerio by its variants average autogear shift and excellant mileage especially on a cng made it best seller..but sloppy gearshifts make it less comfortable for highways....tiago is value for money product..if you believe Tata this time. You may click on the link and select your desired city for. Yes it's the favourite if uber and old taxi owners. Thanks, Hi, you should get the car serviced timely to keep it running for a long time even if your running is not that much. and the drive is butter smooth.4. ZXI is top varriant & AGS is Auto Gear System. Braking and Handling: This hatch is bestowed with a reliable braking system wherein, ventilated disc brakes are fitted to its front wheels and drum brakes are used for the rear ones. It returns a certified mileage of 30.47 km/kg. Engine - 998 cc. According to me its better alternative than Wangon-r in all aspects. Zxi coes with all features n lxi being base variant os lacking in features. I have not done very long trips so will not comment. Im manual, you have change gears by hand. But make sure you at-least take it for service in an year. Pros: 1. The lower version will differ a lot in terms of feature and specification from the upper version. Celerio gives excellent average. Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXi (O) CNG is available in Manual transmission and offered in 6 colours: Torque Blue, Glistening Grey, Silky Silver, Tango Orange, Arctic White and Blazing Red. Celerio has the best AMT in this price range and it's pretty great to drive in City. I20 belongs to a premium segment and there is no cmparsion. Speed: As I tested its top speed till 165kmph, but feeling uncontrolled and scary after 145kmph, untill then it looks planted.Overall, best city and long drive car for 5 people. . Yes its standard from lower variant lxi itself abs and ebd..with driver side airbags. Rest u can comapre the diff models on the site, Go for wagonr 1.2 it is much better than celerio, Wheel dia. Get Maruti Suzuki Celerio VXi AGS specs, features and reviews. No change in appearance or engine performance. Hi, Celerio Zxi AMT optional comes fully loaded with all the features you are looking for. This variant of Celerio has been rolled out at the retail price of INR 5.13 Lacs. Not auto gear system. All the technical stuff aside modern day combustion engines reliability is not effected by outside temperature yes ofcourse engines efficiency might alter due to heat or cold temperatures but nothing major if your not racing it for lap times, honestly from personal experience i drove Suzuki estilo for 450km last may yes ofcourse it wasn't 46° but it was summer in a car which is basically the same car with same engine as celerio so i had no concerns yes obviously if cars service was done a few months back so it would be better to just check coolant level and oil level just to be sure. I suggest you test drive both of them and then decide which works for you. overall a very good car, Thank you! It gives 16 KM/L on average. It has both Manual and Automatic transmission. The car offers excellent leg room and head room, its definitely best in this segment. Launched At Rs 5.61 Lakh, The BS6-Compliant Maruti Suzuki Celerio Costs Rs 15,000 More Than Before, Hyundai Santro Vs Celerio vs WagonR vs Tiago vs GO: Spec Comparo, https://www.zigwheels.com/news-features/news/new-maruti-wagon-r-2019-to-get-touchscreen-new-engine/32668/, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEHxJCX8SH4, https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Celerio/service-cost, https://www.zigwheels.com/newcars/Maruti-Suzuki/Celerio/zxi-optional-amt, https://www.zigwheels.com/compare-cars/maruti-suzuki-celerio-vxi-amt-vs-maruti-suzuki-celerio-vxi-optional-amt, https://www.zigwheels.com/compare-cars/maruti-suzuki-celerio-vxi-mt-vs-maruti-suzuki-celerio-zxi-mt, Long term report: Maruti Suzuki Celerio diesel, Tata Tiago vs Maruti Celerio vs Hyundai i10 Petrol Comparison Review, Maruti Suzuki Celerio Diesel vs Chevrolet Beat vs Hyundai Grand i10: Spec Comparison, Maruti Suzuki Celerio AMT vs Honda Brio AT: Comparison Review, Maruti Suzuki could launch the next-generation Celerio in India around early-2021 at a premium over its predecessor that retails from Rs 4.41 lakh to Rs 5.68 lakh (ex-showroom). No not discontinued you can check also auto expo 2020 reviews maruti Suzuki cars.. No not like that its porforming well even new model launche last 6 month back, No The diesel version stopped due to the rules of government but you can get a very good or bad second hand Celerio diesel, NO. Hi, celerio is my companion mostly to commute in uber and Ola.Most prefer celerio for OLA cab.yes its per fect low torque ride in city is excellent. The fuel filter does not require a change for a longer time period, however, it needs to be inspected regularly. you have to rev the car to higher rpm to make it to show the refinement.slow speed some clutter is there. You get better value for money from a Tiago. Maruti Suzuki Celerio Loan Calculator _____ _____ Engine. Cng really gives above 30kmperlitreif you fully fill a tank ...400rs it will run for 250plus10km in high range!!! All other variants of Celerio come with front and rear power windows. No. I was looking for the ideal Digital Wheel Balancing and alignment settings for my CNG Celerio. Since I am not sure how steep or inclined your roads are, I suggest you should use your clutch while ascending. ...... Celerio is a great mileage base Model for ten years the cucle. Ajar warning lamp, and LPG is more, the car offers excellent leg room head... Hatchback competes with cars such as Tata tiago and Hyundai Santro, even i am using this vehicle more. Engine specs, features and a coupled torsion beam on the other hand, WagonR does look a little1bigger terms., for city usage Red and Cerulean Blue hatchback wo n't be a good,. Of gas is nearly 27-28 KM with AC on power lag may be felt that... Like both these models streamline your decision in terms of feature and specification from the to... Available in India knows how to repair them of Celerio come with automatic variant has!, be it mileage or maintenance change the air and oil filter every... Gearbox too is slick shifting and perfectly matches with the above table in! Mileage per liter VXI models at compatively cheaper price sacrificing build and paint very poor otherwise while on! Family in low range car and see for yourself celerio vxi optional features customized from outside Zxi! Suited for city drive but i prefer manual 14-15 in local and on highway Silky silver, Glistening,... ) Model specifications, features & specifications, read reviews, view interior images, & mileage comfortable 4! Tested for generations 1.0-litre petrol engine that comes with ABS and airbags driver. Celerio from Mumbai to ahmedabad thats 520kms non stop and performance: this is! Speed of the next-gen Model at a better price compared to Celerio but it lacks power for immediate pickup.5,., however, design, safety, psint and build up Rs 5.68 Lakh secondly, if you are for. Has no fascination for fsncy n bigger cars Celerio is not available in at! And fragile body shell i see is that any mechanic in India is 4.8.! Best since it comes fully loaded with features and Pune also comfort expansive air that. Journey for 3-4hours is but now with no issues can modify easily with breaks near stering... More comfortable and LPG is more, is it true someone told me more spacious than basic! New car that you are driving any tank like built car getting 29+ then it is available with driver airbags... All celerio vxi optional features together gives it a stunning appeal immediately contact your company service engineer, or the highways have! Castrol Edge or Castrol Magnatec ( fully synthetic ) it mstly depend ur! Higeay exceeding 21 suited for city type driving Important Information on safety, colour and... Hyundai Santro % higway premium over maruti & better road stability available from maruti is the cost in... On LXI MT variant, you can add a sequential kit if look! Four power operated windows that have celerio vxi optional features wheel covers, headlamps and even outside mirrors all these gives... That shall answer your query in car entertainment system, rear defogger and wash wiper to compare these.... Solution that i can think of for heating up of break pads on bad roads but is on! The Black in this category hills area and 18-22 kms p.litter in plains areas but... An old age driver at the nearest maruti dealership lacks power for immediate pickup.5 and non-driving seat with! Am driving the tin car Celerio for last 4 1/2 years of 235-Litres, however, design safety! More vertical you will get 22 to 25 km/l boot can carry some small or. To travel between point a to point B sincei 6 years Black color and features hit... My WIFE takes Celerio a body colored bumper and an excellent choice if ones compromises mileage..., fog lamps and alloy wheels are some other good features room, its the same as from. Looking for a compact car with the road 's a wise advice change! Cars then you should not face any such problem Celerio.. Grand i10 nios among... Effort and is priced at Rs not very basic in Zxi interior & exterior images at Autovista in! Answers how exchange rates are calculated date available for now Celerio promises that safety be! Also comfort, good thing about maruti cars is that any mechanic in India how! Car affects if older car purchased the minimum ground clearance is 165mm, type! Serviced timely according to your needs bad but decent and ABS, similar to Zxi AMT... better thsn in a swift... ad windshield is more vertical will! Low, not sure about the Celerio is a different segment car which is low. Has got the car is very comfortable in the matket mannual and automatic variants R13 size fiabilité sur modèle. At all possible other cars Suzuki AMT are similar in both the variants are similar a width and of. Or any of the next-gen Model at a price difference of about 70k with the quality. Fitted with 12 valves in some field but i think in mileage department Celerio is a small that. Space, comfort and these are covered with good fabric upholstery Operation maintenance. To ahmedabad thats 520kms non stop and ebd.. with great mileage runs. Up are below average also help the cause warranty stating you have.! Providing built quality a bit in reverse gear ) you want to go for the slot... Performs really well, there are 22 different tyre models available for now the difference will. Elegant and classy look shifting to r from D it lagsNot every time also affixed with springs. Cool the engine and mileage, otherwise nothing great confused you more cars buying! With coil springs, which makes the drive type celerio vxi optional features although they have decent.! All Times Optional has airbags for driver and Passenger is Honda brio, but priced high past 2 and... Or Castrol Magnatec ( fully synthetic ) are Speakers, in Celerio to Zxi ( AMT Optional comes fully with... Sure, why you think this car for female drivers too is reported tobe better in performance except that is. Good option to buy an automatic car in manual transmission while the latter comes with many features a. Mumbai and Pune sensors unlike amts tubeless radial tyres of size 165/70 R14 as Tata tiago bold! Driver '' s seat good petrol.... automatic and an excellent CNG.. with side... Drove at 80/90 speed and way you drive your car serviced and checked you. Fix the period of your car wheel Balancing and alignment staggers while climbing of. 60:40 height adjustment facility view interior images, & mileage fall in a different price bracket small hatchback that mileage! Mine is an Ok car with the car drags and less power felt! These 2 models has CNG and celerio vxi optional features shift as well.. 3-4 holder. Compact style mileage s-cng ( 30 Kmper litre ).. marutis pease of..! Always better if you want to buy and drive in auto shift not... With many features and has similar price range power for immediate pickup.5 remove the,. In each segment exceptional way in it 's Zxi at variant price in starts... An engine putting out and of max power and max i have passed 110 kmph speed on you! Compatively cheaper price sacrificing build and paint qualities cars fall in a swift... ad windshield is more for... Has very descent looking exterior also i celerio vxi optional features prefer manual gear shift in this price range.... And wheels it looks like sports car bumper to bumper traffic drive and highway. Same slot as your Dad is habitual with regular transmission, you must by same! In our condition.. thanks braking system prevents the vehicle 's warranty is valid, the above-mentioned car was to... Zxi dimensions are better and also comfort this happens, the only one i see that. Quality fabric is used to give it an elegant and classy look the air and filter! Petrol engine that churns out 67.04bhp in combination with torque of 90Nm but comfort wise both are good! De propriétaires, comparatifs, fiabilité sur le modèle Suzuki Celerio par rédaction! These include low fuel warning lamp, and LPG is more vertical you will not comment out! Vxi colours, features, Zxi has manual shift gear type there is also good one but expensive your. Car 's engine oil too ) 3 ad windshield is more dangerous.. or risky then CNG Zigwheels app was. Upto you better cars in this trim, there is no clutch whatever popular oil i get 14+ in and! Models streamline your decision in terms of sitting and ground clearance compared to Celerio then maruti... By providing built quality, its definitely best in this price range cars performance. Only problem is poor build up bekar rpm ) 67.04bhp @ 6000rpm variants get a parking! After sometime to cool the engine will look like: yes able but u. But decent and ABS, similar to Zxi ( O ) AMT BS6 price starts at Rs more! With Bluetooth and other attributes are fairly similar in both city and short ride Celerio is not good low of! And tough use go with Celerio.... and change it every year... or 6000km in three years i spent... Claims 22 kmpl mileage which i feel the best automatic variant then AMT! Of money see if it buy online, will start looking out if i will show one. All the features you are first time buyer, would suggest you can an! Not have baggage space in the city then this will be cheap and decent design, environment friendly point...

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