CorelDRAW Basic Quiz – 50 Questions

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1. RGB is to ppi as CMYK is to _________.
2. The complement of blue is __________.
3. When a design calls for a spiraling text, this application would facilitate the job.
4. The major difference between graphic designers and graphic artists is:
5. A graphic image with a central figure is an example of this type of composition:
6. Which of the following is not true about package designs?
7. Vector based graphic work is _____.
8. The following is not an element of design:
9. Which of the following is not one of the compositional consideration of design that we discussed in class?
10. This artist was our inspiration for the Pop Art work we did as a triptych.
11. This is the first color that the human eye reacts to when it comes into vision.
12. One of the golden rules of graphic design is to keep the design asymmetrically balanced. To do so, this is one of the best rules to help organize the design:
13. The placement of graphics and text on a graphic design is known as _________.
14. What is the primary function of a critique of your design?
15. Photographic based work produced for the web would be best designed using this application.
16. Which file format will give you the best resolution with a clear background on the web?
17. Every critique included two commendations and two recommendations. The recommendations are for things that could be done better and the commendations are for the things that were well done.
18. Color is an element of design
19. Selective focus cannot be done outside of the camera due to the lens effect of the wide angle lens.
20. The building blocks of graphic design are the elements of art and the principles of design.
21. The graphic artist is paid by everyone while the graphic designer is paid by a single client.
22. The split complement of blue-violet is
23. Which color theory is applied to this image?
24. Who is the maker of Illustrator and PhotoShop?
25. Which of the following formats should never be given to the client?
26. What is the single most powerful tool of tradigital design?
27. Which of the following is not included in a style sheet?
28. CMYK color systems are used specifically for _________ design work.
29. A triadic partner for yellow is _________.
30. Which is not a primary requirement for stamp designing?
31. When you are composing a graphic design for a corporation that will use the graphic for all types of signage, what is the application of choice for you as a designer?
32. The Bauhaus taught us that the holy trinity of colors for graphic design are:
33. The only time it is alright to pull a graphic from google is _______.
34. The design school that used primary colors and simple shapes as part of its aesthetics and is favored by Michael Bieirut is the ____________ school.
35. Where is the live paint bucket on the tool bar?
36. Which is the correct way to change the eraser size in Illustrator?
37. A legal size piece of paper is
38. The PC keyboard command for turning on the ruler in PhotoShop is
39. The guidelines in Illustrator produces are
40. Printing bleed makes the image to all the way to the edge of the paper.
41. To change the work area in Photoshop you need to go to image size and change the numbers.
42. A color of a triadic color scheme with red-violet in it is
43. Branding has more to do with the identity and feel of the product than the actual design of the corporate logo.
44. Nike is branding in graphic design terms.
45. Reappropriation is the graphic design term for which of these practices?
46. Which Design History school had members who exhibited "Horror vacui"
47. EPS files have all the embedded fonts and color selections in the file.
48. How is a color scheme different from color selection?