7 Common WordPress Terms You Need To Know Before Starting A WordPress Blog

7 Common WordPress Terms You Need To Know Before Starting A WordPress Blog

WordPress is the most famous running a blog platform in the world. Greater than 27% of all the websites within the global is powered by WordPress. The reliability, fluidity, and the ease of the use of this platform have endeared it to millions of users across the world. So here you will get to know about wordpress terms.

Curiously, loads of users are not familiar with some of the common terms of wordpress.

Why is that?

Because not absolutely everyone who uses WordPress is a tech savvy user or developer; they are simply human beings like you & me who’re searching out and running a blog platform to express themselves or having a internet site to marketplace their products.

If you are the user of WordPress and you are not acquainted with some of the wordpress terms used on the platform, you’re like a vehicle owner who’s unusual with the various components of the car’s engine.

This sort of vehicle proprietor is at risk of being exploited through mechanics who know very well that they’re coping with a newbie. That is why i have compiled those famous WordPress terms which you ought to recognise.

Even when you have not started the usage of WordPress in your blog, understanding this would assist you in future.

A number of the phrases like backend/frontend, FTP are commonly used in over all internet improvement. While ever you’re coping with a clothier or a developer, you’ll be the usage of these phrases.

So, with this let’s learn something new today.

7 usually Used WordPress Terms that you need to recognize

1. Backend/Frontend

The backend is the a part of the WordPress terms that traffic and readers by no means get to look as it’s hidden from them. You as an administrator have get admission to to WordPress backend which is popularly known as WordPress dashboard.

You can give access of admission to others like editors, writers, visitor authors to get admission to this dashboard. The default URL to access the dashboard is domain.com/wp-admin, but, you could exchange this to some thing like area.com/login the usage of plugins like WPS cover login.

From the backend, you can edit and time table weblog posts, customise topics, create pages, upload classified ads, installation/disable plugins and subject matters and so forth. In case you’ve ever accomplished any of this stuff, then you definately have worked at the backend.

The splendor of WordPress dashboard is; it makes it less complicated for all people with 0 enjoy to manage it effortlessly. Due to the fact that everything is well explained & graphical user interface (GUI) doesn’t require you to recognise any coding. This is one of the motives why WordPress is so popular among each form of customers for creating a weblog or a internet site.

Coming to the frontend:

The frontend is the interface of the weblog this is visible to the traffic. As an example, right now you’re reading this article on WordPress frontend.


The frontend includes such things as blog format, design, coloration, navigation bar, sidebars, published posts, active banners, and many others. It’s the WordPress terms that make every WordPress weblog seems different

2. FTP

File Transfer Protocol

Thanks to person-friendly net web hosting groups like Bluehost, Kinsta & others, we don’t ought to do lots with FTP after preliminary setup. But, it’s essential for every self-hosted WordPress user to realize about what FTP is.

FTP stands for document switch Protocol, a facts transfer protocol which enables two special computers or servers to trade documents independently. Technically while you upload an photograph in your blog publish, it’s miles uploaded to your internet server. In addition, your WordPress subject & plugins are delivered in your web-server (Your web-hosting account). Using FTP you can access this files using a FTP patron.

There are numerous incredible unfastened & paid FTP customers out there:

I commonly use FileZilla as it’s clean to use.

3. MySQL

wordpress terms

MySQL is an open supply database control gadget (DMS) which maximum net carriers or web hosting businesses offer as a database server. WordPress blogs depend specifically on MySQL databases for storing facts regarding the blog. The maximum common lingo used for this in WordPress industry is “WordPress database”.

You may without problems get admission to MySQL inside the cPanel furnished by way of your hosting employer. Accessing MySQL (PHPmyAdmin) database will assist you to do following things:

Optimize your WordPress database
Take backup of database
Drop a desk however, in ninety nine% of the cases you don’t must at once address MySQL database. Instead, you could use plugins to do all the duties. I have already covered about WordPress database earlier & it’s a very good time so that you can study greater & understand this element deeply:

Some more points to not

4. Permalinks

Permalinks are the permanent addresses or URLs to each submit, page, categories, download links, or another issue that’s in your website.

The permalink is the URL in the address bar that you ship out to human beings if you need them to go to a particular page for your website.

In WordPress, there are unique kinds of permalinks systems which may be tailored for the site. Some of the permalinks kinds you could discover in WordPress encompass:

You may determine which of the permalinks suits you better. while some webmasters love including a class, others prefer to leave it with out a class. All of it boils down to what you want and the sort of search engine optimization practice you are used to.

Some thing making a decision, ensure your permalinks do not pose a drawback to search engine bots getting access to your web site. Right here are publications to grasp WordPress permalinks:

That’s the satisfactory WordPress Permalink structure for seo?
A way to exchange WordPress Permalink with out dropping visitors.
A way to Use WordPress post Permalink & post identify combination for seo.

5. WordPress Plugins

Upload Plugins

Plugins are a number of the maximum mentioned things as a ways as WordPress is involved.

Plugins allow customers to feature extra capabilities to their blogs. The WordPress plugins directory features several thousand plugins that you can with ease use. In case you are a WordPress user who has individually accessed the backend vicinity, you simply recognize what a plugin is.

6. WordPress Widgets

Widgets are man or woman elements that you can contain directly into the sidebar, header, or footer of your blog.

They may be brought from the backend to improve the weblog’s format, create extra areas for showing positive capabilities, or control your advertisements.

A number of the famous widgets consist of showing submit categories, state-of-the-art remarks and newest posts, social media proportion/like buttons, and autoresponder opt-in paperwork.

Widgets are similar to “devices” at the Blogger/BlogSpot platform.

7. WordPress issues


Apart from plugins, topics are the maximum popular time period in WordPress global.

This is due to the position they play in determining the aesthetics and functionalities of your weblog. Like plugins, topics play a essential position in increasing your blog pace, giving it a lovely format, and in common branding of your blog.

Consider WordPress subject matter as a dress/fashion of your blog that by no means modifications. WordPress issues are also called templates, skins. You can both use unfastened or paid topics on your site.

Even as maximum novices employ free themes, the ones who’ve the cash generally settle for top class (paid) subject matters due to their additional functionality. Many top class subject matters have built in premium plugins and provide more advantageous responsiveness.

Subject matters are equally updated once in a while to take care of bugs, fix protection problems, and/or improve user enjoy.

Here are some greater hand-picked articles to research greater about WordPress issues:

Selecting A WordPress theme: A specific guide for novices
how to install WordPress subject matter For the first Time person
eleven high-quality AdSense Optimized WordPress issues To growth revenue
7 usually Used phrases In WordPress

These 7 normally used WordPress phrases aren’t the handiest generally used terms. However we’ve chosen to speak about them because they’re additionally very essential.

If you want to start a brand new WordPress weblog, you need to be acquainted with these terminologies. And still have a simple understating of the features they perform. Remember, Greater than 27% of all the websites within the global is powered by WordPress.

Take it slow and go through those phrases yet again before proceeding.

Over to you

Kindly share your revel in the use of the wordpress terms.

And if you found this publish useful, do share it together with your friends!



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