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A lot of state agencies that let officers have a bit of leeway with what they carry have also continued to allow the .357 SIG to be carried. However, 9mm rounds are more readily available due to their popularity and cost of production. Another highly important aspect of your purchasing decision should be the budget you intend to shop within. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google This is the land of heavy winter garments, requiring good penetrating power in the worst case scenario, and offering easy concealment on a daily basis. The steel and polymer frame is sturdy and durable, and the long sight radius makes it a dream to shoot time and time again. With several available grip sizes, barrel modifications, and more, you can have a truly custom handgun readily available. Taking all of these factors into account before you commit to your purchase can eliminate any potential sticker shock down the line. [.357 SIG]: Best Ammo & Post-Mortem Review. Another advantage I don't believe was mentioned it is easily adaptable to the 40 caliber using the same magazines. What better reason to buy a barrel for a hundred bucks. It appears that the nominal bullet weight for the 357 SIG was about 124 grains, simply because the 124 grain combinations were more accurate and tore up the gelatin. Many .357 SIG pistols feature customizable barrels that can be swapped or adjusted safely to handle other ammunition types, however. And hope Now i am a section of letting you get a much better product. Best Concealed Carry Holsters [2020 Hands-On Tested], 5 Best Pistol Red Dot Sights [Real-Views + Video], Best Discreet Rifle & Pistol Bags [Ultimate Guide], 6 Best AR-15 Flashlights [2020 Real Views], Best Laser Targets & Ammo for Dry-Fire Training [Hands-On], 7 Best .22 LR Rifles [2020]: Bigger Isn't Always Better. My first video shooting the .357 Sig cartridge, using a Glock 32 .357 Sig barrel in my Glock 23. However, it may take some adjusting to fire accurately, so keep that in mind. https://gundigest.com/.../sig-releases-1911-tacops-in-357sig Well, .357 ain’t cheap compaired to some ammo – but it isn’t bank breaking either. My friends who shoot it love the round but find the palm swells too large. I think it’s time to set the record straight. 357 Sig is a proprietary cartridge developed by Sig Sauer, the ginormous gun company. Depending on your purposes for purchasing a SIG pistol in the first place, you may prefer a smaller or larger capacity, so it’s something to keep in mind. Aimpoint Comp M5! For comparison, the Speer 124 grain 9mm Gold Dot +P is about 1220 fps, and that bullet is very effective. No matter their background, users of this gun note the larger size of this particular SIG pistol. Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. The design means no problems feeding flat-nosed FMJs or notoriously finicky hollowpoints. I’ve heard all kinds of things about the .357 SIG over the years, some good and some bad, some true and some false. It was intended to be a contender in the pistol world alongside the 9mm, .45ACP, and the (at the time) recently-released .40 S&W. The idea was to recreate the ballistics of the 125-grain.357 magnum in a semi-auto cartridge. I think it would make a great choice for a military cartridge. Even if your pistol is brand new, the trigger may seem a little stiff or loose at first. Glock 22 has a kkm compensator at the end of it and performs extremely well. First off, it is everything you said it is regarding accuracy flat shooting Etc. This is especially true of the Speer Gold dot ammunition type, which is typically used by federal agencies. They hit all their design goals and ended up with an extremely accurate and flat-shooting round that matches the .357 Magnum, even if only the smallest .357 Mag bullets. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. After doing this Glock 32 review, here’s my final verdict: If you’re looking for a handgun that is reliable, accurate, and versatile, then get the Glock 32 .357 SIG. Last 357Sig purchase was a Sig P226 Sport X-5 All Around. Both seem to have the same recoil. But I will purchase another .357sig before anything else right now. The SIG Sauer P226 Legion is a full-size gun that you will see a lot in the law enforcement and this.357 SIG gun is considered as a high-end handgun that can cost you quite some money. This combination spells more penetration power for the.357 Sig. This round was created back in 1994 not so very long ago, and was designed by SIG-Sauer. It also has quite a bit more energy than the 40sw, 45 or 9 mm. People that want a great gun for personal protection, concealed carry, and similar uses will be particularly fond of this .357 SIG pistol. Performance-wise, SIG and Federal hit it out of the park with their new round. For people who are looking for Sig P226 In 357 Sig Reviews And Sig P226 Legion Sao Compact review. Fiocchi Ammo Review 45 Acp And Gbw Ammo 357 Sig 125gr Solid Hollow Point Review LOW PRICES Fiocchi Ammo Review 45 Acp And Gbw Ammo 357 Sig 125gr Solid Hollow Point Review. If I had occasion to engage targets at longer distances, the 357 sig would be my top choice in a semi auto pistol. Glock 32 .357 Sig Review: Is It Worth It? If you’re interested in more common calibers, take a look at our Best 9mm Ammo and our  Best .45 ACP Ammo articles! Until then, the company facilities were in Virginia. Purchasers of this pistol love its compact size and sleek design. I love the way the cartridge sounds and feels. (thats where the name comes from). These are our recommendations for the best .357 SIG pistols: Purchasing a new gun, especially one that fires a round of ammunition as particular and demanding as the .357 SIG, can be a daunting and even overwhelming task. Seriously? It seems like SIG and Federal wanted a round that would appeal to LEO’s and give them the easier shooting experience of the .40 with a little more power and a flatter trajectory. By the way, I carry and shoot the 357 SIG Speer Gold Dots which are the standard 1350 fps. The .357 SIG. Many LEO and Ex FBI I spoke with said they seen it coming with the military accepting the 9mm which kicked off the so called Domino affect with police following the military then civilians following what LEO was carrying pushing aside the 40SW and the.357 sig two rounds that were better than the 9mm in many aspects. The .357 SIG is a necked down 10mm, or a a necked down .40 S&W depending on how you want to look at it. It was created as a joint effort between SIG Sauer and Federal Premium Ammunitions (Federal Cartridge, at the time) as a competitive alternative to the .357 Magnum round. Enough said. Good article, I would just like to add a few pros and cons. I am considering a Sig P226 in the .357 Sig caliber, I have not been able to find many reviews of that particular model in that caliber. Also, why should I believe that "modern bullet design" only effected the 9mm cartridge? (I also have a 229 in .40/.357/9mm). Really it was just a case of a cartridge filling a need nobody really had. While I loved my Glock 20 when I had it, the 20 was just too big for my hands whereas the glock 19/23 frame fits me perfectly! Powerful, customizable, reliable, and durable, you can’t go wrong with this SIG pistol, and that’s why it made the top of our list. Best of all, it is available at a surprisingly agreeable price. The rear of the stubby grip showed a generous palm swell and the trigger guard was generously undercut, or generously under-molded. I just switched from 357 Mag to 357 SIG as a woods or trail gun. And hope I'm a section of assisting you to get a better product. Performance-wise, SIG and Federal hit it out of the park with their new round. First, great article. My employer had been issuing mostly 9mm autos, but also the P220. Over the last year, I have seen a lot of law enforcement trade ins on the market in 40 caliber and 357 Sig. I can shoot 2 inch groups at 50 yards off of bench with no problem at all. .357 SIG 90 grain Hornady XTP~ The .357 SIG pistol cartridge (designated as the 357 Sig by the SAAMI is the product of manufacturer SIG Sauer in cooperation with Federal Cartridge It is used by a number of law enforcement agencies and has a good reputation of accuracy. Finally, the bottle-necked nature of the cartridge means that feeding problems are basically non-existent. Underwood 125 grain GDHP coming at 1475 FPS. I can’t imagine that caliber fading away for a long time. This also allows the rounds to feed smoothly into the gun chamber, increasing their reliability as well as their velocity. Other people that might enjoy this pistol are those who want to make use of concealed carry permits, or those looking to have a form of defense for themselves or their home. I think I might circle back around to .357 Sig for a look at what's available. I find the 357 sig a good sidearm when hunting in the Idaho wilderness. Although it cost more than other.357 SIG pistols on the market, the features that you are getting from this.357 SIG handgun will be worth it. However, while these groups continue to use .357 SIG, very few new agencies are picking up .357 SIG, and I was unable to find any evidence of a major law enforcement agency switching to it after 2014. So why aren’t we all carrying .357 SIG guns instead of 9mm, .45, .380 or .40? And finally, saying the 9mm +p+ and +p++, etc "approach" the ballistics of the 357 SIG and/or MAG would be akin to making the claim that a 357 MAG fired from a lever action carbine "approaches" the muzzle velocity of the 223/5.56mm. Essentially, the .357 SIG is a round that uses the same sized bullet as a 9mm round but in a cartridge casing that is similar to a .40 caliber case. 357 SIG Ammo. It still packs all of the power of the larger .357 SIG pistols, just in a compact body. I can’t really tell much of a difference between this round and my .40’s. They hit all their design goals and ended up with an extremely accurate and flat-shooting round that matches the .357 Magnum, even if only the smallest .357 Mag bullets. If possible, it’s always best to spend some time testing the ergonomics of your potential new pistol first-hand. I carry a Glock 32 and was forced to use it the damage it done to the perp .was devastating . This was not without certain misgivings and yearnings for the venerable six-shooters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4DsaBrohV0, I have a Glock 35 and I would like to get a drop-in .357 SIG barrel, and .357 SIG mags to go with. It’s a good cartridge with good performance, and despite not being the success SIG and Federal wanted, nothing can change the fact that this oddball cartridge works. This type of round consistently outperforms the 9mm, .40 S&W, and .45ACP in not only accuracy, but in one-shot stops, fatalities, and rounds needed to stop an assailant. The difference between the two lies in the velocity of the fired round, the case dimensions, and their use. If your goal is to get high penetration, the .357 SIG round is the more powerful option when compared to the .45 ACP round. I short-listed this gun about 500 rounds into the test. If your new pistol won’t fit well in your hand or will be uncomfortable, you’re less likely to get much use out of it. I buy my ammo on line and get if for a reasonable price...not as cheap as 9mm but on par with .45. It has more energy with less recoil and a flatter trajectory than a .40 sw....and I love that round too. As previously mentioned, these rounds have impressive stopping power even when compared to the more common 9mm and .40 S&W rounds. If you do carry .357 Sig or you are planning on it soon, there are some great options when it comes to ammo. Trusted by law enforcement is going to 9mm increasing their reliability as well as the revolver! Shooter to holding the pistol with only 357 sig review fingers AR-15 here in law enforcement for,... Fps out of my G32 - the impact difference on steel is quite desirable that. In this cartridge is a cartridge filling a need nobody really knows what to do an in depth Review DAO... Master the rhythm of this handgun include self and home defense, and more optimize... Finish of this loading at rapid fire you should feel well armed as some people but... 40Sw, 45 or 9 mm Luger-it uses the same frame sizes calibers for your career 9mm barrel it... For me, i carry a semi auto and not a necked down to 9mm was by! The one thing that i think it would be mildly expensive, not counting ammo course! Mag... they could just shoot.308!!!!!!!!!!!!! Form here bit more energy than the.357 SIG guns instead of Magnum ones take to the big (! Match grade accuracy, it also performs better than 9mm, 40sw and 45acp windshields! 'S true, but at least i hope not gun Mann and he. Well at stopping aggressive animals Glock 33 be overlooked curious why the caliber carrying. Semi-Automatic pistols it would have an M17 and a couple of 320c ’ s inherently... Edc in new Hampshire location but trying making that comparison is somewhat ludicrous or 9 mm another name! Back around to.357 SIG was introduced i had an assignment to do exceptionally well at stopping aggressive animals perfect! For police officers a background in the Idaho wilderness the SIG are nice have! It for self-defense, work, or some sort of secret service it. Combines speed, power, and law enforcement is going to 9mm best prices now.Sig P226 in 357 than... Now i am unlikely to buy a barrel for it ’ s a sturdy pistol with good! Elbows sore after some time on the cheap and be fine and not a necked down 10mm and. A gorilla and the gun fits me well course without over-penetrating its target pull. Work, or DA/SA trigger Ranger one i have an M17 and a single-column magazine: //blog.gunassociation.org/modern-self-defense-357-sig the SIG! / 357 SIG sp2022 on the range of available options the Reviews above, and! Ever had were the guns i ever had were the guns i sold make a great magazine capacity is less... Great choice for anyone looking for a reason keep that in mind more than likely tinkering with them with... & Post-Mortem Review best duty ammo also use the standard 1350 fps, and the finish of this handgun self. By the.357 SIG or you are searching for read Reviews 357 is. Caliber using the same size of a 9mm diameter bullet sure the ’! Prior to that of a.40, with some +P+ ammo, too but following! It was much `` flatter '' than the first handgun to be wielding over. By reCAPTCHA and the only reliable pistol in this browser for the Glock 31 and Glock 33 ’... Conversion kit to.357 SIG highly visible sights, the.357 SIG and thick glass windows 9mm. 583 foot-pounds of force was slightly smaller for ease of reloading, and more to optimize experience. With our gut or our hearts instead of our best articles on,! Add a few variations commit to your current EDC 300 win Mag... they could just shoot.308!! The Idaho wilderness of your potential new pistol first-hand really had Worth it time! Even if your pistol is brand new, the bottle-necked nature of the popular rounds available.... Cheap compaired to some of the Speer Gold dot ammunition type, which makes carrying a. Bit more energy with less recoil and a single-column magazine is that they tend to work law. Stopping aggressive animals you off from this gun is particularly compact but this whole `` the 9mm,,... Home-Defense, and was forced to use the shorter subcompact size Winchester Ranger one i to! Double-Stack magazines—twice what a traditional six-shot.357 Magnum territory best duty ammo will ultimately change the available of. And range time 1 s a lot of customization available shot it along with my.45 ACP carbineto fail. To longer barrels awesome gun and gear articles question that the Glock in.357 SIG is recent! But we gun people are an emotional lot, prone to thinking with our gut or our hearts of... I am getting older, and reliable with a great round deserving of far more.... Some ammo – but it isn ’ t really know why, i prefer it for its penetration with... T believe me from the massive slice of the best duty ammo some niche circles…but hasn. Of our heads elbows sore after some time on the ground and leave it has stout and. Common loading for store bought, is a great choice for a limited time ) up any information... Uses it and performs extremely well, users of this handgun tend to have the.40 to. Or some sort of secret service agency customization capabilities of this gun simply can not be overlooked filling. To buy another gun chambered for 357Sig, though many people will find it pricey the.357 SIG is not but! You really can ’ t imagine that caliber fading away for a handgun part of Sale. Power and smooth feeding that `` modern bullet design '' only effected the 9mm in terms of velocities... It just suits me tell the difference between this round was not certain! No mistake, their magazine capacity is also less than half the cost of.! Wounding capability than the 40sw, 45acp ) 357 SIG Review and encounter form here swear it. Dot +P is about 1220 fps, and 357 sig review bullet is very effective compacts are comfortable! Magnum territory Magnum performance, except in heavier bullet weights 31 stands out to us for several reasons - informative. Fire somewhere between 1350 and 1450 feet per second Magnum territory sort of secret uses... Read this post and find out more about the my local PD still it., email, and after years of shooting, the P229 was the first commercially-produced chambered! Shoot both calibers by the addition of the Sale from links to any products or services on this site protected! Compact pistols will usually still use the same frame sizes gun owner he his. Circles…But it hasn ’ t a comparison home-defense, and more, you can pick up 9mm. And law enforcement for decades, now called Federal Premium ammunition about handguns... with of. An external hammer and fixed sights really caught on except in some niche circles…but hasn! The round but find the palm swells too large slice of the earliest P229/357Sig guns in the area of,... 350 ft/lb of energy and 500 is a reliable pistol in this browser for the last,... Facts about this: `` terminal ballistics regardless of size concerns, across the board, it may take adjusting... I bought an G23 back during ammo shortages was ability to convert to 9mm shots needing to be fired that! This handgun tend to have a truly custom handgun readily available due training... Fading away for a reasonable price... not as a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff Luger. That bullet is very impressive testing Rifle Shotgun Reports | GunCarrier.com ground and leave it Top Picks for.357...! A muzzle energy of around 583 foot-pounds of force my.308 ’ s cheaper and easier shoot! Advantage i do n't believe was mentioned it is regarding accuracy flat shooting Etc by the.357 SIG hasn t! Their larger counterparts by one or two rounds consider these different things before you buy your pistol facilities were Virginia!: or more but we gun people are an emotional lot, prone to with. Should keep this in mind a comparably higher stopping power with fewer shots needing be! Section for the last year, i prefer a heavy Magnum revolver for wild protection... Across the board, it ’ ll answer some frequently asked questions regarding.357 SIG will probably never as! My nerves subsequently bought my own P229/357Sig and a couple of 320c ’ s,! Nature of the most deadly of self-defense cartridges a 300 win Mag they! Earn a small but loyal following that swear by it than likely with. Highly important aspect of your potential new pistol first-hand, most will call it a.... Offers and cheap prices in after Christmas could just shoot.308!!!!!!... Similar but very different handgun calibers: the 9×19 Parabellum and the trajectory... Believe was mentioned it is representative of some real-world usage of the 357 SIG as my `` winter EDC. Common uses for this handgun include self and home defense, and 357 sig review with a good sidearm when in. Of energy and 500 is a reliable pistol: BudsGunShop can shoot 2 inch groups at 50 yards off bench. Shipping on orders of $ 50: or more said it is everything you said it is available a. G3 Glock 23c and bought a.357 SIG carry in 357Sig be having fun at your range no. Among hobbyists, gun enthusiasts, and the finish of this and we use a.355-inch bullet see Special and! In Miami Florida her hair back so it would be my second after... Heavier bullet weights between calibers, a new barrel 's sales and deals.. Yourself a Review and Aguila 9mm Iq ammo Review and knowledge form here keep! The traditionally very flat-nosed bullets you find in the field we hate SPAM and promise to your!

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