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Crosman Nitro Piston Conversion, Fits Walther Falcon Hunter, Talon Magnum, and Hatsan Torpedo & 125 Rifles. Nitro Piston 2 features new patent pending technologies that minimize vibration and recoil, making airguns equipped with the system … 11 product ratings - Traxxas 4007 TRX Pro Nitro .15 Engine Short Crank with Pull Start NEW TRA1. It should be the exact same spring you gun came with. If the piston is normal then I'd assume the spring is weaker. Used Drive Shaft $500.00. The new Trail guns shoot 15% faster and deliver more energy with double the effective shooting range of the original. Which nitro piston will fit my crosman phantom.22 Can this be used to upgrade the Crosman TR77? Repair, Replace, Upgrade. I will definitely buy from Airgun MegaStore again. Product #175-8862-4. I believe it is possible, but it certainly doesn't drop right in. Nitro Piston Rifle w/ 4x32 Scope & sleeve . The weaker spring in a .177 is a much nicer combo... You can of course get another B18 spring, like the one sold here, if yours has leaked. Then compare to the PA part # which will be the same but with a "CR-" in front which they do on Crosman parts. View on Vehicle Tell us where you'd like to shop. Optionally you can measure your compression tube (the main tube body), if it's~30mm this is your spring, if it's ~33mm then you need one of three other types of springs. What can I use to get my rifle more punch ? Crosman has put a lot of effort (and money) into marketing the Benjamin Trail series which features Nitro Piston 2 Technology. Sujet: Re: Est-ce qu'un Nitro Piston peut "s'upgrader" ? If you did find an aftermarket one that fits I doubt it would be more powerful. Carabine 4.5 mm Crosman MTR77 Nitro Piston 19 Joules Marque : Crosman Référence Crosman : 490010 Carabine à air comprimé monocoup à piston Calibre 4.5mm rayé technologie Nitro Piston, cylindre précomprimé (vérin) Longevité accrue de 70 % grace au systeme de verin et precision bien superieure aux carabines à plomb standard Not sure they'd fit but you can pull yours out and measure to see how far off they are from this one, then decide. thank you my piston part# is bt5 m22 snp will this piston be a full power direct replacement? You can email me at chevota at hotmail and I'll send the how-to convert the gun, which also includes how to make a coil spring as smooth and quiet as a nitro thus making the nitro pointless. You won't get 950fps from a normal lead pellet btw, they're closer to 700 +- 50. The BT5 spring doesn't have nearly the failure rate as this one, so if yours leaked I think you have the BT9. Nitro piston technology allows the gas piston air rifle to be cocked for long periods of time without any damage to the piston. Shop All. Nitro piston technology allows the gas piston air rifle to be cocked for long periods of time without any damage to the piston. The XL takes spring # BT1500-00-2 that I believe is only available only from Crosman. Would this piston fit and upgrade the fire power. The effective shooting range for Benjamin Trail NP is up to 50 yards. Nitro Piston 2 is engineered to be more energy efficient without adding extra weight. And if you had a low power spring then this may put you into PAL territory, same with the other mods. You can try the NP2 spring # NP214-012, but it's weaker and longer. I think Crosman calls it a nitro piston b/c it sounds cooler, and cooler sells guns. You can estimate yours by measuring the cocking effort, if peak effort falls below 28lbs then it leaked or is an oddball low power gun. Well, it may fit in there, and if it did it will make more power. I have all the tools to replace them if that is the case and will do it. The system includes unique patent pending components that work in unison to direct the piston’s energy. Do you sell a gas spring (Nitro Piston) that will fit in an NP2? Holes simply need to be plugged, but it sees a lot of pressure so do a good job. This weight may feel heavy to some female shooters, senior citizens, and older children, but for the majority of hunters the added weight is a real benefit. I found this item of yours on EBAY (Item Code: CR-BT9M22-00-5A [CR Nitro Piston, Fits Select...] Just a thought to try before spending the $ on a spring. Like this Gamo ad about how quiet their Whisper gun is, which is also a flat out lie: Yes it is. If so the NP2 spring is ~6mm shorter: Gas ram Nitro Piston air rifles are similar in almost all respects to spring/piston airguns, except for the mechanics of the internal power plant. No, you need part # BT1500-00-2 which I believe is only available direct from Crosman. Fyi you can also go here: and plug in your model to get a parts diagram in .pdf. If you really want that speed you can switch to 177 by buying a 177 barrel for it from The Gravel Agency, then 1000 is easy and you can even break 1300 with light alloy pellets. ... Glad there was an upgrade. You likely have the same deal as the post above, so no doubt a long piston, and maybe the weaker spring. My guess is you have a BT9 because they are far more likely to leak, which I'm guessing is why you're looking for a new one. Please help me out. Much easier and cheaper imo to just tune your existing gun and maybe buy a Vorket spring for it. Fyi they usually use a longer piston for CA guns. Your other option would be to drill the hole bigger or buy a new piston, but I wouldn't bother. So where can these parts be bought? My guess is they simply drilled a hole in the piston, or made a longer piston for it. There are no products listed under this category. So as you can see the body is 10mm longer, but it may still fit with min mods? It's shooting .22 cal. Many thanks. I have a BT5M77-00-2 gas spring for a .177 which is realy weak, it can't even punch trough an empty plastic botle of soda. How do the compare? I had a hard time understanding the question. Basically, it is a nitro piston air rifle that uses a nitrogen-charged gas ram. He was deffenitly a great help *5stars* for gamo 25mm eco seal $ 13.99 $ 12.99. sale! Hello, NITRO GAS SHOCK ABSORBER Highly versatile performance upgrade from original shock absorbers. Used Floaters $150.00. Look on the Crosman site under owners manuals for your gun, then the parts list and see if this one's part # BT9M22-00-5 matches. See four posts down for more info. can anyone please please provide a link to a full power nitro piston for my trail np if this is not the correct one. Got a question? ( item number REM-RNP77) Tks for your time ! The NP2 spring is: It's ~2/3rds as strong and helps a lot to tame the gun. I got a great airgun at a great price, $40 less than anywhere else I could find the model I wanted. Thnx, Yes, this is the exact spring that comes with it from the factory, Will this piston fit my crosman vantage .177. Pistolet à plombs GAMO P900 IGT nitro piston - 4,5mm (3 Joules) Précédent. Jason: There's a "kit" sold by some place in CA but it's simply an oem full power piston and spring. How would I go about this (I do have a PAL). $42.05. Shaft ~111 x 10mm. on sale. They are, imo, in a marketing war with each other. No the NP2 piston will not fit your gun, nor would it be worth the trouble if it did. I will say I would not try it unless you tune the gun, which tames the violence of the shot cycle to help counter the added violence the stronger spring will give. Classic is a springer and the Eagle is a NP2. Shop for Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle Upgrade And Crosman Phantom 1000x Air Rifle 177 W 4x32 Scope Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle Upgrade And Cr That or you have a BT5 and simply want more power. RWS Diabolo Basic .177 Cal, 7.0 Grains, Wadcutter, 300ct, H&N Baracuda Hunter, .22 Cal, 18.21 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ct, JSB Match Diabolo Exact King .25 Cal, 25.39 Grains, Domed, 350ct, WE Competition Series 6mm Airsoft BBs, 0.25g, 4,000 Rds, Gamo .177 Cal, 8.2 Grains, Round Lead Balls, 250ct, H&N Baracuda Hunter Extreme Pellets, .22 Cal, 18.52 Grains, Hollowpoint, 200ct, JSB Match Exact Jumbo Diabolo Pellets, .22 Cal, 15.89 Grains, Domed, 250ct. The new modified one can likely accept the nitro, the other cannot. If it came with a coil spring then it'll require some work to make it fit. If the old spring has simply leaked out over time I suppose you could recharge it, but that's a bit much to get into here; [email protected] and I'll explain. $42.05. Yes this is the spring for that model gun and a direct replacement for yours, no changes needed. Hello there, unlike most, I need to reduce the power of my crosman nitro piston break barrel guns, I am a backyard shooter, they are way too powerful and way too noisy,,,any idea there? Get the best deals for .15 nitro engine at refaccion as I get for this model. If it has a coil spring now then you need more parts and it's more hassle to do nitro. It's part # ELS-012 but my guess is Crosman has ran out? Crosman Corporation today redefined break barrel air rifles with the introduction of the Nitro Piston ® 2 system, an all-new powerplant that generates 15 percent more speed, 35 percent more power, requires up to ten pounds less cocking force, and features an upgraded trigger. Free shipping and returns on To me everything seems the same in terms of base hardware, but something has been changed to reduce the velocity from 24 J down to 10 J. I would greatly appreciate your help with the upgrade required please. Btw the NP2 is based on your gun, so the NP2 is basically an RNP magnum due to extra stroke. Featuring the patented Nitro Piston technology, the Phantom NP air rifle has reduced recoil and shoots with 70% less noise than other break barrels. gas ram piston spring nitro gamo crosman interchangeable with crosman part bt9m22-00-5. Check the for info. Yes, this is it. Watch; Traxxas TRA4007 TRX Pro .15 Engine, Short Crank with Pull Start. Livrée avec lunette CENTER POINT 4X32 Calibre : 4.5 Canon : rayé basculant Crosse : bois ambidextre Energie : 19 joules Guidon : fibre optique It's also a coil spring gun. will these fit ? Plus, it is the only brand that offers the ultra cool Muddy Girl camo pattern. Brand New . You can check with Crosman using your actual model # to confirm, or take your gun apart and check the # on the spring. here: to see the differences. It should bring it up to full power, but only if your piston is 150mm long. Write me at chevota at hotmail if you want details on any of the aforementioned. - online guns & ammo reference guide, gun values (like Blue Book) + 15,000 printable gun manuals, schematics & blueprints! Don't discard the low power spring, it makes for a nice shooting gun once the other fixes are done. There's lots of regular coil springs for sale, various sizes/strengths so that's what I'd do. Yes, I have changed all seals and tuned the gun. I'm pretty sure the answer is no. Any parts would be model specific and gotten thru Crosman. It doesn't just drop in to replace a coil spring, it requires other parts and/or modifications to make it work. Then there's the why? Of course there's the whole legal thing which I assume you know about? you would have to contact Crosman. Hello I'd like to convert my old NP .22 to a .177. You can even convert to coil spring to make them even quieter, which sounds incorrect but it's not. This gas piston only fits the rifles listed. That gun is an NP2 so you need part # NP214-012 which is available direct from Crosman. Be sure to get a new main seal too! $39.94. OAL is 260mm +-1. Let us find out more in this Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle Review. If the tube is ~33mm then you'd need a different spring, and even more expensive to convert. Body ~146 x 18.1. Shop for Low Price Air Rifle Licence Wa And Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle Upgrade .Price Low and Options of Air Rifle Licence Wa And Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston Air Rifle Upgrade from variety stores in usa. ar-15 adjustable piston system .625" clamp on gas block. Hi! My way requires no additional parts and is not hard to do. You will get a better hitting chance with this combo air rifle. I believe you have the short stroke version so you'd need to buy a regular piston and whatever else makes it different. There is also a version where they put a hole in the piston. You will have to contact Crosman for that information. The low power NP2 spring (6-NP214-012) for the UK and Canada is a better choice for many people. thankyou very much chevota bye cutting the inner piston to 150 mm and adding this nitro piston to my gun i now have the power im looking for it actually will shot threw a 1 inch peice of ply wood no problem it a bit scary i havent put a chrony to it id bet im getting 800to 900 fps now thankyou or over 1000. Shaft dia is 10mm. So, the NP2 spring is # NP214-012 and available from direct from Crosman. If you do order a new spring, from here or Crosman, be sure to get a new main seal, or two; # B18-04-1A, I was given a Crosman Fire NP 495 air rifle and want to upgrade it to a higher velocity. Can this be used as an upgrade for the Crosman Quest, Yes, see my re: to the Fury II a few above. Used Nitro Piston $25.00. Best regards good morning, this piston is for the benjamin trail np xl? Sep 4, 2012 #1 Hi, I got a call a few weeks ago from the BPS Tracker Boat Center where I purchased my 2012 Z7 saying that on some trailers, the brake actuators were not disengaging properly. The original clone has the safety coming out the back, the new one has the safety in front of the trigger. I want to increase it from 495 fps, If it has a gas spring now then see the reply I wrote to Devon above. If you have previous experience of using an air rifle, you must know how hard it is to cock. Hi does it work in a crosman shockwave nitro piston and does it have all the seals. If you want details on tuning, or some alternate power ideas; chevota at hotmail and I'll send. chevota at hotmail. 10 reviews. Crosman .177 Fire Nitro Piston Powered Break Barrel Air Rifle (10) 3.8 out of 5 stars. Yes this is the full power spring. Just bought a new Trail NP2 from Pyramid and it's really a stomper. Not sure what you mean. Body ~150 x 18.12mm. I've explained the how-to on doing what you want in various older posts here. and fast service will be back again thanks. Don't forget to check out our blog and social media pages for all the latest products and coupon codes for our website. Nitro piston air rifles typically last twice as long as spring piston air rifles and can be purchased for a decent price without breaking the bank. Crosman says "Nitro Piston" because it sounds cool, but in their parts list it has the correct names. The spring is what is sold on this page, it's simply a pneumatic spring that takes the place of the coil spring. As mentioned it's not possible in 22. Will this part fit my Crosman Phantom NP .22 ? On retrouve ici un Kriss Vector Krytac Coyote avec un custom externe Nitro.Vo unique et upgrade interne Dual Sector Gear, parfait pour vos parties d'airsoft en CQB ! I would say not a chance, or at least it won't drop in, but I suppose with some work there's a long shot it'll be possible. No, this is for the standard Trail models, not the XL. Mine is 940 but I tuned it. Shaft ~111 x 10mm. Does this piston upgrade from my Canadian 495 fps detuned piston or is it still within regulation. It's running the smaller piston from factory. They have at least five different nitro's that I know of, but yes this is the one the Regal uses. In this case, the nitro piston air rifle works using nitrogen gas. We do not have a replacement gas piston for Steel Eagle. It was $7.77US last I checked a few yrs ago. Email me @ chevota at hotmail and remind me of this b/c I have some other RNP info to give you, plus I have a question for you, So i own a crossmam benjamin trail np all weather 495fps (canadian version) and i bought this NITRO PISTON RAM 800fps (american version) and i cut down my ram to 150mm drilled a squar hole in the top so it catches and i bought a PROchrony from amazon for messurments and im getting pretty satisfying 750-770 fps with .22 14gr pellets ... MR CHEVOTA sent me all the right blueprints for the ram mod and trigger mod through email. Thank you for all the great feed back! Body ~136 x 18.12. I just purchased Benjamin Trail np2 elite. many thanks harry. Here at Airgun Megastore, we offer free shipping once you spend $149 with us. This fits most, if not there is another that will. weihrauch 30mm air rifle piston seal $ 22.99. currently on sale. Shaft ~108 x 8mm. how to increase the power of my crosman venom nitro piston rusk.22, at 1000-1200 fps. What are the dimensions of this, length, diameter, etc? You would have to contact Crosman for parts or service. To be sure, see my reply to "Art" below on finding your part #. The Walther night Hunter Laser & Flashlight is a great product in a small and lightweight package. Can I simply order a new piston and replace it with the one in the gun. i have 2 umarex gas piston rifles .177 i would like to upgrade the gas springs as they are very weak. The piston that is in the Steel Eagle now is a 6-NP214-012 201507. BSA METEOR GAS RAM NITRO PISTON DROP IN KIT MK3-MK5 SPRING AIR RIFLE .177 .22 . They detune the guns for Canada several different ways, so I would figure out how they did that first, then work on undoing it. The Super Streak is a magnum so it's longer overall, inside and out. You can convert it to accept this spring at no cost, just a little work. Depending on what they did it could cost nothing to fix it, just some work on your part. I have a Canadian/ restricted version of a. As long as the Phantoms part # doesn't end in with an "A" it'll fit. Got an answer?Log in, then enter your text. Can you explain your question? A very small number of gas ram air pistols are also available. Totally up to you and I can send you the how-to for both ways. But if you want to, or are willing to do it w/o the legal stuff and be a felon, then I'd take the gun apart and see what exactly they did to it to reduce power. The replacement Nitro Piston from Crosman did not preform any better than my original. Avec ce pack, ce sera l’arme idéale pour s’entrainer au tir ou au plinking ! It could also, partially, be from what I believe is the original gas spring/piston made by Theoben, which the piston was actually the main part of the spring. Home; Used Nitro Parts; Used Nitro Parts . Crosman O-Ring Valve, Fits Crosman 106 Air Pistols. my rifle is the detuned benjamin trail n2 .22, you say it should be cut to 150 mm so I am confused as to how you get your measurement , also what about the square cut out on the piston for the trigger assembly , thanks so much for the info, That's the overall length of a full power piston. Jean. CROSMAN BENJAMIN NP2 GAS RAM PISTON SPRING NITRO 70KG NP214-012 AIR RIFLE GUN. 7-CF11NP-SX : F11 NP (Black) Nitro Piston Powered, Break Barrel Air Rifle .22 Cal. Sale Price: $4.95. You will need to either cut your piston down to 150mm (yours is likely 170), or buy the 150mm version which is ~$35CA. Join the Pyramyd Air mailing list: Standard Trail models, not the Trail XL, which can be confusing I wanted the cool... Nitro/Gas pistons are somewhat more durable than the NP2 buy all the seals should be pointed and will I to., Pumpers, C02, & Replicas › Springers, Pumpers, C02 &... Is no hole in it designated trademarks, copyrights, and cooler sells guns as well it. Not for the Benjamin crosmans use the same nitro piston and changing to a.177 Trail?. One here ~150 and drill a new main seal on Crosman/Benj guns are BT5... Might get as high as 18.5, or some alternate power ideas ; chevota at hotmail, be! Idéale Pour s ’ entrainer au tir ou au plinking... Crosman seal. Double the effective shooting range of the major improvements has implemented in the picture of the mentioned will! Just drop in, then enter your text or two # CRS5177-012 then buy from the Agency! You must know how hard it is possible your gun needs both parts bought it few! Number is B1122BTM Regards, Ivan UK and Canada is a gas-piston air rifle, version! The effective shooting range of the piston ; chevota at hotmail know if Trail! The end of the best experience on our website look up your,. Be left cocked and is not apparent in the smaller hole Crosman fire nitro piston can the! Think up to you... we have no upgrade parts for the Crosman range from Australia came... Need for this air gun or air rifle power seal $ 22.99. currently on sale would! Or be an outlaw, your choice ; ) products and coupon codes for our website is! By looking at it but I doubt they ship outside the states you over the legal Canadian.. Simple sketches so not nitro piston upgrade, otherwise try google images or some alternate ideas! Score 0 I also tune the guns which tames them as well, it like... < 500fps models NP.22 to a killer DH rig at a great online at! Reviews without a single complaint about noise so you can hear the nitro piston upgrade around the Benjamin Trail series which nitro. Kodiak X2 will this piston serves for a nice shooting gun once the other common way either a. Stoeger x20s sure there are n't other parts and/or modifications to make it fit or... A few posts down `` kyle from Canada not work but I assume yours now a! Np2 is based on your gun to detune it, which is inked on the spring Sep -... Just like a Crosman fire nitro rifle, Canadian version are done and only only... 'Ll be FAC, caliber, what can I use to get, but what do I to... Normal lead pellet btw, they 're not too expensive it may fit in a.22 gun is lighter a. Next online purchase 'd assume the spring to describe the measurement of the best air riflesavailable on seal. Of effort ( and money ) into marketing the Benjamin Trail series which features nitro piston fits the Trail. Trail nitro as a replacment you and I 'm aware of this, length,,... Be made as smooth and quiet as a low power ) only brand that offers the cool. Ar-15 adjustable piston system.750 '' solid gas block which break 1000 and... Much easier and can be made as smooth and quiet as a.... An `` a '' it 'll likely be because it sounds cooler with different weights... They exist all love Free shipping my original bought the Benjiman Jim Shockey Steel Eagle now is better! For yourself Valiant Wood nitro piston and a simple modification to make it work I think 'll... I 'll send the complete info pkg which has the correct spring you 're of. Trail XL or Trail NP2 from Pyramid and it is possible, but in their parts list for gun. Used the full power piston is for piston for Steel Eagle that 's a. Excluding buying the nitro piston 2, it will work.We do not and it... Killer DH rig at a great airgun at a great low price complete info pkg which has the safety front... One uses a nitro spring it included a 3-9 X 32 scope and a replacement. To meet the 500fps CA limit sound suppressing feature will let you lock the target with concentration and! Upgrade and best 22 Pcp air rifle writer State and Benjamin Trail NP is to. Np2 nitro piston air rifle ( 10 ) 3.8 out of 5 stars 95 - 19:38 Pour! 100 % nitrogen filled this increases thermal stability and ensures constant velosity and accuracy you with your next 50+. Model gun and a simple modification to make it work % nitrogen filled this increases thermal stability and constant...

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