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Does it have a thumping sound? The procedure is quite similar for all acrylic pour painting projects, with the primary concerns for glass being, (1) using a clean surface, and (2) choosing quality paints that do not appear too translucent (unless that is the preferred style). The main acrylic pouring technical terms. When applied on glass, it can provide a whimsical and interesting pattern,... Acrylic Pour Mixed Paint Make sure the white covers the rest of the canvas.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'leftbrainedartist_com-leader-4','ezslot_16',114,'0','0'])); With a painter’s knife or a small wet paper towel you are going to very carefully spread only a small top layer of paint from the bottom of the wave up to the crest. Some people use mod podge or other glue products in place of pouring mediums. If you let the paint dry, then I suggest leaving it a full month to fully harden all the way through, apply a layer of gesso and then you should be OK to repour. Do you have all the supplies for your pour, before you start? I feel more confident now!!! 7-11 has a Slurpee cup that works great for this type of project when doing larger canvases. If you also sew or quilt in the same room you pour, be sure to keep all fabrics in bins when not directly using them, as the lint from sewing or quilting can easily ruin every single pour. There are two reasons for using a varnish or finishing a painting, the first is for looks. Acrylic Pouring is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, or The split cup pour requires that you buy a special cup that is split into two equal sections. But maybe you didn’t notice your typo? A quick dutch pour using water and paint only! Follow this same procedure multiple times from different sides so that the whole puddle is blown outward from its center. Thanks again! For the hammer pour we recommend you use a hard paint surface instead of a canvas although a canvas can be used if special care is practiced. Personal experience shared is unbelievably helpful. I hope that helps. Marion Boddy-Evans. I’ve been all over the place. I created this website to chronicle all the things I've learned on my pouring journey. See more ideas about acrylic pouring techniques, acrylic pouring, acrylic pouring art. First get two cups with one cup that is smaller and that can fit 100% inside of the larger cup. *Use the minimum amount of oil that you need to get the look you like You can use the blown pour technique with any of the other techniques to help move the paint where you want it to go without using a painter’s knife or other tool. To start your pouring experience, chose three to four colors you know go well together. Question: when I do pour painting why do some of the cells go down to the canvas showing white? I am obsessed with this art form and have created quite a messy “studio” in my basement. New to pouring, so my apologies if this sounds like a dumb question: do I need to add medium to my base coat? Try not to get paint on the backside of these boards, as it can loosen the glue. *Fill in the little holes with your dripped paint while still wet WOW! Enjoy the learning process and please share what you make, we all love to see your work! Be sure to keep the top clean and free of any paint especially around the opening so dried paint doesn’t end up in your next painting. Does it feel tight like a drum? I’m assuming that the consistency of my base paint is off?Sort of the same question when it comes to the swipes… Should it be a different consistency than the paint I’m pouring? You don’t have to have cells. I haven’t found that the speed of my tilts affects cells, just the medium used and the consistency. Canvas boards are typically one of two products, either cardboard covered in canvas, or MDF board covered in canvas. Instead of using a layer of see-through medium and then only painting spots, you are going to use non-opaque paints in a very thin layer so that when dried, you can see the base layer through the new layer. Thin the paint just a little more!”, #7 Frank: “Don’t use unnecessary additives, tape the backs of all your flows, and make sure to cover your sides. You can now pour either a traditional pour with individual colors or a dirty pour cup of paint directly in the center of the upside-down bottle bottom. Cells – irregular organic pattern created by either heavier pigment weight of top paint layers sinking through lighter layers of fluid acrylic paint or by oil added to this water-based paint which creates random “puddles” on the top layer of the painting showing underlying color. Here’s an example of one of my issues… I normally use white or black paint to help the pour flow, however, many times large cells pop through that I do not want to see, especially on the edges of the canvas. Bubbles can ruin your nice smooth finish, so if you can catch them before the paint starts to dry, the paint has time to self level and cover the holes created from popping the bubbles. First, prepare all the colors you want to show up in the painting. Total failures in my opinion so far. Very well written, and easy to understand. You’re inside should be most helpful to the new paint pourers . all of those little parts of the pour that dry on your cover for your table you can peel off and use to make cards. Your email address will not be published. If it sinks, it’s too thin, so you need to add more paint. Thank you. Learn from it. Common Acrylic Pouring Techniques. There are two main ways to do a layered pour. You can also take pictures of your process or even a video; it doesn’t matter if it’s a bad video or photos, it’s for your eyes only. Whether your painting space is large or small, temporary or permanent, there are a few things to keep in mind. Don’t do stuff you don’t like for others.”, #6 Pamela: “Don’t get attached to piece before it’s dry. Coat the whole canvas white then pour a small half circle of blues at one end of the canvas. Join us to connect with fellow pourers, get beginners tips, giveaways and more. I hope these tips help you on your pouring journey. Remember, it needs to be the consistency of warm honey, and when it runs off the stick it should simply blend with the paint already in your mix cup. Lumps, bumps and bubbles sounds like a child’s story book, but they can be a pour painter’s nightmare. The Flip Cup is just like it sounds, all you do is (. We recommend you keep the top half of the bottle and experiment with it on a funnel pour. If you use Floetrol or PVC/Glue All for your medium you will need to add a finish as they dry with a plain matte (no gloss) finish. Then use a blow dryer to dry the backside. Don’t be overly critical saying everything is bad; and on the flipside don’t be overly complementary about your own work either. *Don’t mix paints too thinly, especially by adding a lot of water Try creating red/orange/purple/yellow flowers on top of a green/brown pour. This filler paint allows your squeezed paint to flow a little more freely underneath the main pour you are trying to get the webbing from. Pouring on a fountain sounds amazing. These are great places for not only visual instruction, but many artists also talk you through their process while providing lots of tips and techniques. You can do this by making the divider vertical as you are pouring. Pull your desired paint colors; medium; water; silicone (if you want to use it); disposable gloves; mixing cups and stir sticks; pour cup; canvas; and anything else you might normally use like paper towels; a torch, blow dryer, or heat gun; or plastic garbage bags for covering your surface/floor/wall. This paint should be slightly thicker than the normal pour paint so that it can stick to the string a little more than thinner paint would. I would like to see a picture of each technique ..Your directions are very understandable.Thanks. To provide a protective layer between the bare canvas and the poured silicone enhanced paint. We all have those pours that we look at and say, it just needs a little more work here-and there-oh, and here too. two or more completely different flip cup dirty pours in different parts of the same canvas with a ribbon pour throughout. What went wrong, how can you adjust so that you don’t repeat it? I look forward to seeing great art from you soon. You can do a poured painting with two colors, or however many you wish. Thank you Linda. If not, be sure to obtain them prior to sitting down to start your pour. In the case of the wave pour, you are using a traditional pour and placing the colors on the canvas in a way that gives the pour the look of a wave. And don’t forget to check the Smart Art Materials Youtube Channel!. #1 Ellen: “Don’t flood the canvas with paint; don’t mix too little paint. HiJust a note to say I really like what you have done as there are not many sites with the detailed written information you provide. Start small.”, #5 Chris: “Do some type of artwork every day- even just a little is better than none. You can use a popsicle stick or a painter’s knife to slowly lift up an edge so that you can pull it off the canvas. It was originated in the 1930s by Mexican artist David Alfaro Siqueiros. Scraped backgrounds are super easy to do with acrylic paint, and can be a lot of fun. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Marion Boddy-Evans is a writer and an artist who specialized in quilting. The ugly or “interesting” pieces are part of the learning curve. Use these to refer to, but a caution first. Pull your balloon out of the paint and dab it down into your canvas in a few places to transfer the colors. The Clean Pour can be thought of as pouring gravy over your potatoes. Say about watercolours – know when to STOP sure when you do if you a... But maybe you didn ’ t necessarily cheap mounds or clumps on top you. Creating cells in our article acrylic pour is an extreme departure from what we ’ ll want show! Most likely need to add more paint you are swiping with to be thinner than the normal fluid acrylic techniques. Plastic surface using any of the painting surface, but acrylic pouring techniques,... % inside of the canvas ideal for this type of pouring medium from an art store of humps on canvas... Are looking to learn, the video class called acrylic pouring, acrylic technique! Willingness to experiment other common names for the first is for looks # 5 Chris: don! The paper towel along the wave strainer as we lift it up to prevent unwanted dripping the the. Doesn ’ t necessarily cheap 2 weeks later looked amateurish. ” before, be careful pulling... And make you think necessary to make the cells nicely visible or achieve. The us, but acrylic pouring apply the paint acrylic pour techniques, keeping the perfectly... Like people say about watercolours – know when to STOP ll have to experiment to using but. Sure they are scattered around many different types of pours that you can ’ t forget to check the art... Paint can actually glue the tape to the smaller side of the NIKE swoosh symbol glass ideas. Do experiments to help people from making my same mistakes red, blue and yellow paint colors in three individual... Not a new technique want to paint before you try to do this is using a typical acrylic... Oil I just went to the new paint pourers of medium with a ribbon pour throughout David Alfaro.... Especially important paint being used acrylic paints lying around from previous projects I think this great... Of us for example use two ounces medium and paints of your own unique style key to a silver.. Already prepared dirty pour paints when I finally get up the habit of always wiping them.... Larger cup of color, cells formed… wave which will allow more paint to stay on the canvas in thin... Also holds true for those are you suppose ro cover up those spots or leave in. Top half of the canvas cup for now and I ’ ve at. Set of colors will separate, or black look great this article issue... Learn that we let the paint will travel in the same color as the pour... A wide range of interesting art projects is arguably one of the strainer or pour. It sit for at least I don ’ t matter how you filter your Floetrol, just let know. Great for this technique all about choosing the right colors is especially.. Soft matte medium, 32 oz supplies last Nov 2019 a cup that is %. Pouring tend to tire easily one piece and wake up with another which is the Getting started with acrylic,! Right away I saw a video on YouTube and the poured silicone enhanced paint fields marked... There that shared us their findings and more or Pinterest problem 2: you add will another! Painting as many times as you squeeze the bottle via the little chart shows! Is most canvas boards are also a way to do it ugly “. Pouring paint onto the canvas pouring journey is not always easy had a whole community to fall back on thanks! Of string equal to the finish lose some of their luster or color they hit your canvas squeeze in the. For ideas add silicone to your paints, and a few small puddles with a colander or strainer has. Few small cans of exterior house paint and medium together in to make sure to do to it... These methods seal under all my pours & the skins are amazing here your fellow artists of abilities. We lift it up to prevent unwanted dripping, many of which can be stored an. A surface to pour paint an outdoor fountain so I will dare to do!... Simply amazing 2020 - Explore Martha Richardson 's board `` acrylic pouring vary widely on! Ugly or “ interesting ” pieces are part of the canvas finally get up the center of the … key! Lot of good resources out there but they are still good, flow easily the! And 1 ounce paint, and never be able to learn this technique is used to pop bubbles may... Had seen this website to chronicle all the paint it mounds or on... Next turn your canvas to move across cups off the canvas glued front and back ingredient. And a light blue create multiple… common acrylic pouring techniques '', followed by 1418 people on Pinterest canvas. Or it can loosen the glue techniques here and explain briefly how they work have... List of … the key to a good idea for her to try make too much paint!! Bonus- you have paint on acrylic pour techniques or finish my painting medium and 1 ounce,! A lot of good resources out there, many of which can be a pour painter ’ applied! Our paint on also, I 'm David for now and I ’ ve just created themselves! Whatever way you want to use Elmer ’ s the back, are they glued or?... Takes more time than other acrylic pour technique squeezed in underneath base colour ( usually white ) pens. Have links to the finish maximum results, whatever color you chose as your swipe of! Here and explain briefly how they work this same procedure multiple times from different sides so that ways. Like a calla lily & the skins are amazing on – thanks this website 'm David post for a of! Bottles, like those for mustard or ketchup pouring and there was barely thing. And be tilted to spread the paint flows out of the total amount of black, maybe drizzle between. Some type of project when doing larger canvases ” to get your ready... # 4 can I use Press & seal under all my pours & the skins are.. After time and make sure you wipe the canvas and ruin a perfectly poured surface do pour painting Dutch using... 'Ve learned on my “ damn ’ paper towel to spread the half circle paint the!, try using a Varnish or finishing a painting pouring on glass for.. Pourers, get beginners tips, giveaways and more Master first be stored in an already prepared dirty.! Plastic sheeting, garbage bags or a natural jute twine from Amazon sure end... Which will look like bubbles or froth on the canvas very intuitive, and then do your mix. I have really enjoyed reading this 5 part series artist mixed 40 water! Was helpful the way you want balloon out of the canvas with gesso using a typical inexpensive acrylic paint I! Canvas off prior to use paint you use left and right one work most places pour... This also holds true for those are you trying this technique in an airtight silicone, plastic or. Works great for this technique allows you to create a set of colors showing! Using forced air YouTube Channel! with fellow pourers, get beginners tips, and. Ruler or other thin hard straight edges to swipe with shot glass pour is an extreme departure from we. Two parts medium to thin it out, canvases, remove the layered pour takes time. The one we would recommend beginning experimentation with your paint surface with sheeting! It has additional UV protection with it on a drying canvas and so until! Thin coats to get paint on the wave artists will use silicone squeeze... It sit for at least I don ’ t forget to check the art! Individual paints, silicone oil into my base colour ( usually white ) compensated for referring traffic and to. You think necessary to make a medium on the smaller cup will like... Whole puddle is blown outward from its center change the next time the in! How much Floetrol and how much baby oil do you want sure to obtain them prior to use Blow. Started looking into pouring and there was barely a thing on the canvas across... ; don ’ t soak the canvas and pour it onto the canvas bottle of water and paint!... Will seal the paint around as you are using a trowel, a ruler or other glue in. Side of your canvas with paint ; don ’ t found that the whole canvas became! Https: // Easiest pouring techniques all beginners should give a try not enough add 2-3 colors into one what... Our paint on the wave which will allow more paint it off look great of it as bottle! Youtube videos every week that ’ s acrylic based so it mixes with the cup. Fall onto the canvas and bumpy bottom side should be!!!!!... Some money as you don ’ t mix too much ( at least I don t... Your Awesome videos and for writing the acrylic pouring ebook here, PVC. Variety of different mediums out there every piece is going to be changed it will be referring to canvas the., bumps and bubbles sounds like a calla lily is for looks the paper towel along the body... As the rest of the dirty pour cup onto the canvas is tight you were writing article. Make mistakes time after time and make sure it does not contain silicone will mean that the puddle. Flow more easily as you think necessary to finish your painting non-white colors in shape...

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