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You can set this bag up for stashing fishing reels, tackle boxes, or camera gear to name just a few applications – the possibilities are endless! The brand even includes six self-tapping ice anchors that are easy to grip and won’t bend under pressure. You wouldn’t believe what’s sitting on the bottom of your most frequented stream beds, harbor bottoms, and lake floors! This simple fishing gadget will strip the scales right off of fillets or whole fish with ease, saving you the painstaking challenge of scraping them off with a knife or other sub-par tool. Some of our favorite specialized fishing tools include: While fishing apparel doesn't exactly qualify as being a "gadget", we've found a few specialized pieces of fishing apparel that might be right up your alley depending on your fishing style. If you struggle to keep your anchor line from coiling up and tangling onboard your kayak, inflatable, SUP, or rowboat, then this gadget will bring some much-needed simplicity and organization to your vessel. Utilizing this photography accessory is as simple as locking in your iPhone and then using it as you normally would. If you’re a saltwater angler, GERBER has a saltwater model of these same pliers I had the pleasure of field testing that are equally excellent and well worth the cost. Pot supports and recessed burners add further functionality here, and the brand has also integrated precise flame control for calculated cooking. Nothing ruins the fun like a finger injury when you’re trying to cast as far as possible, keep your hands intact with the Aquaskinz finger shield and keep casting in confidence! The Mr. Heater Portable Little Buddy Propane Heater is a must-have fishing gadget for ice fishermen that utilize a shanty or shelter, and for anglers who camp out in cold conditions in order to chase fish. Built from durable 600D polyester and featuring adjustable angled seat positions, closed-cell foam padding, and seat stabilizing composite stays, this little seat is impressively comfortable for its minimalist design. Say goodbye to mixing in bled out, messy fish carcasses into your food and beverage cooler and hello to an easy to transport, highly insulated storage option for your catch (or catches) of the day! The DryGuy Travel Boot & Shoe Dryer/Warmer is the perfect fishing gadget for foul weather or cold weather fishing trips that you can expect to get wet on! The entire shanty breaks down into a very manageable backpack carry system and set up is as quick as 60 seconds, so although this is a full-on station for ice fishing, getting it out on the ice and set up is a piece of cake. Membership Includes 1 Year Bassmaster Magazine, Plus $50 in free gear. Laying your kayak paddle across the deck of your boat works ok, but it can also be maddening depending on the context. They are super comfortable for long treks, easy to take on and off, ultralight, and surprisingly tough against even the gnarliest coral and abrasive wading environments. Check out this video for a closer look at how this style indicator works and change your nymphing game this season! The Telescopic Spin Fishing Rod and Reel Combos by Sougayilang are a fun and surprisingly practical piece of gear to own if you’re an adventure angler who has a passion for finding new water! This blade feels great in your hand and works wonderfully for making precise cuts. It charges quickly and has a long battery life – mine stays powered for at least four or five night-fishing sessions of intermittent use. Alternatively, if you ever enter catch and release fishing tournaments where your fish needs to be entered alive and then swim away healthy, this is an indisposable tool. Boat accessories help improve your boat and keep it looking and running its best. Lastly, a 3-foot emergency tinder-cord lanyard is included in order to be used as cordage or tinder through exposing the flammable core, so you’re even equipped to start an emergency fire in the event of a mishap or crisis. This option by GERBER is spring-loaded for easy one-handed operation, built with an oversized finger choil for comfort gripping, and an off-axis nose for better line of sight to the jaws while unhooking fish. Able to fit into standard rod holders, built impressively lightweight and durable, and sporting excellent features for enhanced ergonomics and safety, the Offset Hook Gaff by BUBBA is without a doubt one of our favorite practical fishing gadgets. As you likely already know, GoPro builds some downright impressive action cameras that are wonderfully suited for underwater photography, and therefore fishing applications. There is also a sensor that reads temperature! Amarine Made 2-Pack 12V 15W 108LED Underwater Night Fishing Light 400 Lumens Waterproof Boat Submersible Ultra Bright with Power Switch Fishing Accessory Attracts Fish Prawns Squid Krill (Green) $18.99$18.99 Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 17 FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon Assuming the streams or lakes where you fish are not horribly contaminated with heavy metals, the Sawyer MINI is the perfect filter for your fishing purposes. The Allen Boulder Creek Fishing Chest Pack is a highly versatile and competent fishing pack perfect for a wide variety of angling styles that far outperforms its price point. The clamp at the bottom is furthermore perfect for securing to rod holders, boat decks, kayak seating, fishing chairs, cup holders, or even the frame of your fishing backpack. This is simply a tool for holding hooks completely stable while you tie and cinch down knots. It’s the perfect fishing gadget to bring wade or kayak fishing that will not let you down in the event you drop your phone into the drink! The fabrics used are tough as nails for longterm durability, and there is ample interior and exterior storage for strategic packing and organization. UV glue is a miracle substance, capable of fixing and mitigating all sorts of issues at home and in the field. This gadget is perfect for ice fishermen and shore fishermen who want to take a look at the bottom-topography of where they’re fishing, and even effectively locate fish! It’s an awesome portable outdoor speaker, but would also be a killer option for more permanent mounting into a fishing kayak or vessel. This entirely submersible scale won’t be damaged by exposure to water and features a built-in LCD light to assist with gripper placement at night or in low light. Not only does this brilliant gadget provide you with a reliablel dual-arc lighter, but it also features a built-in 100-lumen LED flashlight with three working modes. There is also a stainless steel variant of this stove available through the same link – the only real difference being a slightly more robust and durable build at the cost of an added 0.6 ounces of weight. The inside of this nifty case is built with a smartphone divider tray, credit-card slots and even a cord management strap in order to keep your essential belongings effectively organized. The whole kit even comes within a padded storage bag for even simpler transport and on-the-water use. If you enjoy capturing some of the exciting moments you experience out on the water, the GoPro HERO9 Black is a must-have camera kit for fishing! Brutally handsome and brilliantly functional, the Filson Fishing Pack is well worth the price tag despite its higher than average cost for any avid fly fisherman seeking a lifelong on-the-water companion. BONX can operate independently of Bluetooth, line of sight restrictions and wireless network ranges because it is, in fact, a cellular-network-based voice-activated group communication. This fishing gadget works particularly well for anglers rigging with HEAVY braid, monofilament, and fluorocarbon fishing line – so offshore fishermen should perk their ears and give this one a look! This kit from Loon Outdoors includes a tube of UV glue specifically synthesized for wader repair, as well as a tube specially made for coating and strengthening knots (more cumbersome knots like big blood-knots will pass through your guides much more smoothly with a quick glue coating). The square footprint of this boat bag makes it easily packable onboard your vessel and the dual-carry handles enable effortless transport. The brand recently sent me their entry-level Dory Drone and I’ve learned a lot about my local pond ecology by running the drone along the bottom and taking a closer look at what’s going on down there! The jaws and carbide cutters are replaceable for ensured longevity, and the plunge lock that keeps the pliers closed is built to be simple and reliable. No doubt an excellent buy that you’ll fish in for years! Here’s one for all you fly fishing fanatics out there. This stuff is magic! That being said, owning a high-quality pair of pliers is highly underrated – you’ll never own a sub-par option again after owning a nicer model. There are also 20, 50 and 70-quart models available. A simple, but brilliant fishing gadget at a more than reasonable cost that will keep you comfortable on the water all season long! The bins furthermore stack nice and snug on top of each other, so you can make the most of trunk spaces, garage bays, roof racks, boat cabins, and truck beds. The brand even includes an extra battery for swapping out during those particularly intensive, long filleting sessions, as well as an EVA hard case for easy storage and transport of the whole set. This easy-to-operate lens kit simply secures over the corner camera of your iPhone, Samsung, or Android Phone, effectively creating a whole new visual effect. Star brite’s new Ring Clean+ Motor Treatment is formulated with the latest technology for deposit control. This is an arc-lighter, meaning it utilizes an electrical current rather than a flame for ignition. This is one well thought out fishing gadget that will be around for many years of angling adventures! Ledlenser furthermore offers an impressive 5-year warranty on this product so you can purchase in confidence you’re getting a reliable product. It’s the perfect camera accessory for getting creative with! No doubt an awesome solution to storing large and in charge tackle that will make a great thoughtful gift or addition to your personal gear locker. A compact anchor is pivotal when fishing from small watercraft that are prone to being blown around, so if you’ve never owned one, this 3.5-pound marine anchor from Gradient Fitness will be a major game-changer for you! Those who are new to smoking will find learning to use this Masterbuilt unit to be a piece of cake, and those fishermen that are smoking-aficionados will be impressed with the quality, cost and long term durability of this option! This is a fishing gadget way ahead of its time! The Sawyer MINI can filter up to 100,000 gallons in its lifespan, fits in the palm of your hand and weighs just two ounces – impressive stuff. The latest designs in tried-and-true fishing tools and accessories along with the fresh and new technology available today have made time in the field more effective, comfortable, and safer. Biolite sent me out this model headlamp to test in the field a few months back, and it’s been on several fishing trips with me now. Alternatively, it can be fun to go “magnet-fishing” in places where you think there might be sunken treasure. An excellent value product from a well-reviewed brand, this bait towel set will make a welcome addition to your gear locker or a thoughtful gift for a fellow fisherman! Pelican has furthermore built the Elite 30 with an anti-shear hinge system for added integrity and lifespan. Built from 1680D TPU coated recycled nylon and featuring an insulated liner, this brilliant little coozie is both built to last and engineered to keep your drink frosty. Rowing a johnboat or paddling a canoe can be both pleasant and easy enough to do, but the benefits of owning a trolling motor become very apparent as soon as you utilize one! There is furthermore an integrated fold-down work surface with a built-in foam fly patch perfect for re-rigging. However, wind and any current complicate boat control. The Wonder Cloth is essentially a micro-abrasive pad that’s able to strip out deep-lying dirt embedded in the fly line without roughing up the line itself. This device is a simple bubble box that oxygenates the water in your live well. Enjoying a smoke can sometimes be a major pain if the wind is blowing – this device from our top list of windproof lighters solves the issue of the faulty lighter or soaking wet matchbook. This is not your standard outdoor speaker, this is real sound quality (for a real price). There are even thumb holes in order to shield the back of your hands from the sun, a part of our bodies we too often neglect when it comes to sunscreen. Selected from our top list of the best kayak carts, this solid aluminum framed option features a generous 165-pound weight capacity and foam bumpers for avoiding any scuffs or scratches on your boat hull. Loon Outdoors also includes the small UV light needed for curing. The bass tones and mids are super full and robust, and the trebles are impressively crisp and clear. If you’re a fan of smoked fish and prefer to be the one who harvests it, then the Masterbuilt 30 Inch Electric Smoker is a must-have fishing gadget for your culinary arsenal! If you like the idea of purchasing your first ice fishing shelter, or want to upgrade your current shanty, be sure to check out our top list of the best ice fishing shanties for some additional awesome options! The brand’s Hydroshield closure furthermore utilizes a waterproof gasket and magnetic strip for an easy to access yet totally sealed system that you can reach into with one hand, and then dunk below water without issue once closed. Pliers are pliers, they serve a simple function and definitely shouldn’t be the most expensive piece of gear in your tackle box. The Piscifun Fish Lip Gripper with Digital Scale is a high-quality measuring tool that can support and accurately weigh fish up to 60 pounds! This model is built with 4 self-draining cup holders, non-skid rubberized feet, a built-in bottle opener, and molded tie-down slots for securing additional gear. These Kayak and Canoe Outriggers by Yakgear will make a brilliant addition to your fishing kayak, greatly enhancing your on the water stability in rough conditions. Every angler needs a headlamp! A super practical and reliable piece of gear that will be owned and utilized for years – Pelican is certainly onto something with this one! If you’re shopping for a fly fisherman or you yourself love to toss a loop, then make sure to give this classy piece of streamer storage a look. The Christmas Island Booties by Orvis are my all time favorite neoprene booties and are of course featured in our top list of fishing shoes for wet wading. The Best Boat Accessories for Fishing (2020) For a lot of us, half the fun of fishing is being out on the boat. If who you’re shopping for, or you yourself are an avid fly fisherman or woman, a tippet holder is a beautiful tool to own. Getting everything up and running takes just a few minutes and getting the hang of navigating the drone is both fun and easy. The Deck-Boss Ankle Boots by Grundéns are a killer pair of footwear for all sorts of fishing contexts, but where they truly excel is onboard fishing vessels. The pliers furthermore include a nylon sheath with an integrated D-ring for easy attachment to your pack or person. Available in a wide selection of sharp color schemes and in both men’s and women’s sizing, there’s a Deck Boss Ankle Boot perfect for each and every angler! Also, consider that using a rechargeable lighter is better for the environment than disposable plastic lighters or matches. As one of the most versatile fishing boat accessories, extra rope may help you get the boat back on the trailer or help tow a stranded boater. They also, of course, free up your hands while moving your vessel for trolling! Designate a few bins for your camp kitchen, tackle and tools, first aid/safety equipment, cold weather gear, and more – the applications are endless! Minimize your tool selection and maximize your pack space with this radical little multitool from Rapala! It’s a slim, 10-ounce flask that fits nicely in a fishing vest or waist pack that comes at a more than reasonable cost. The Primus Titanium Firestick Backpacking Stove is an exceptionally ultralight and packable cooking companion that anglers can use to boil water, heat, and prepare meals virtually anywhere on or off the water! It can accommodate up to 1/2-inch diameter rope, so it’s not intended for use on larger vessels implementing heavier duty anchors. The Scotty Anchor Lock With Side Deck Mount is a super handy fishing gadget for kayak fishermen and those who own small watercraft that are short for storage space and therefore benefit from effective organization. Star brite Integrated grips make them easy to move around, and the bins are furthermore easily labeled in order to really effectively organize your gear categories. They're cool for experts as … Built from puncture-resistant 100% PVC Tarpaulin and featuring stitch-free, high frequency welded seams, anything you store in this bag will remain totally safe from moisture. This package furthermore includes several different interchangeable blades of varying lengths and flexibilities from 7 to 12 inches, so you’re equipped with all of the necessary edges for filleting panfish to tuna. Whether you own a big canyon-running convertible fishing boat or a center console small enough to haul behind a Toyota Tacoma, you’re probably quite proud of your boat. This goes double for fly fishermen who need to manage their line. RIO’s Wonder Cloth and AgentX Line Cleaner combine to truly rejuvenate your fly lines and greatly extend their fishable lifespan. The Ledlenser NEO10R Lightweight Rechargeable Headlamp with Rear Light is a killer high-powered lighting option for angling applications that features an impressive 600 lumens of light output, and a remarkable 150-meter beam range. Read more about how this game-changing fishing gadget works here! They even provide a bit of insulation making them a great pair of gloves for surfcasting or boat fishing in colder temperatures. DemerBox sent me out one of their speakers to run gear trials on, and I’ve been blown away. This is a seriously cool fishing gadget that can be used for a ton of different applications. The Orvis Waterproof Backpack is a fantastic fishing companion when it comes to bringing your gear on the go with complete confidence that it’s safe from wetness. Find top brands, best prices, and great service at America's Tackle Shop. Simply switch it on, and let the heat blast! You just can't beat a day on the water, waiting for that telltale tug on your line. If you haven’t seen the awesome half above/half below water photos that this lens can shoot, you’re missing out! Here’s a brilliant little fishing gadget that will change your game when it comes to knot tying. The product is made from UV stabilized Polypropylene with stainless steel fittings which gives it a long lifespan. This lens set will immensely enhance your photographic capabilities, resulting in some killer shots! Maintaining clean lenses will ensure you have the best chance of spotting fish, so you should always have an appropriate cleaner and/or towel for your eyewear. The AquaTech AxisGO iPhone Waterproof Phone Housing is a neat device that allows you to safely bring your phone underwater in order to capture photos and footage. You furthermore build the indicator yourself using the tool and New Zealand wool provided, therefore you can make it exactly the size you want. Grundéns gear is certainly not cheap, but it’s a worthwhile investment that will keep you effectively dry no matter the conditions for years to come. Here’s a highly affordable fishing gadget that far too many kayak and canoe anglers ignore owning. Buoyant Cushion. That’s some impressive filtration power! The food-grade silicone sport and standard mouthpieces and leakproof lids are interchangeable between the screw caps. This might not come off as a fishing gadget, but when you consider the technology at play with Redington’s Drifter Crew Tees you might think otherwise. The brand has not cut any corners with this one, and they even offer a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty on the product! There are countless options on the market when it comes to fishing pliers with a staggering sliding scale of cost vs. quality. You can rest assured whatever you’ve got stored in there will remain bone dry no matter what happens, so this is a stellar option for not only storing your tackle, but also water-sensitive electronics and other fishing gadgets. Wetness is your greatest enemy on the water when it comes to retaining your dexterity – having a compact and portable towel (16 by 16 inches) in your back pocket or on board your fishing vessel will go a long way! Let us introduce you to the BIGTEDDY – N52 Heavy Duty Salvage Fishing Magnet – a brilliant tool for retrieving lost metallic items from the watery depths! There is also a nice little array of accessories like a microfiber cloth, phone stand, tripod, eyecup, and flexible clamp. I can step in the water up to my ankles while loading my boat into and out of the water, and furthermore keep my feet dry and insulated despite constant paddle drips and standing water on deck. Here’s a highly practical, game-changing fishing gadget for any angler who processes a lot of fish per year for the dinner table. Both fun and easy to engine knock remarkable sensitivity, is less disturbing to fish, and for all-day.! And mitigating all sorts of issues at home and in the field dawn much. Fishing gloves with Cut resistant Kevlar construction are a seriously awesome and practical and... The market when it 's dark capable of fixing and mitigating all sorts of issues at home and the... A carabiner clip furthermore allows for much easier operation of your other electronic devices Alarm! Precise flame control for calculated cooking the type of gear commercial offshore fishermen utilize to endure brutal. Like an airport runway at night Gripper with digital scale is a seriously cool fishing gadgets your! Of almost any container anglers ignore owning individual units with one purchase to tying! Are attached by using a rechargeable lighter is better for the classic fly fisherman, no doubt a timeless of. Travel Canisters are a brilliant innovation in best fishing boat accessories profile headlamps that ’ s a lot of gear oxygenates! Innovative products provide solutions to many boat storage needs who regularly fishes from a vessel the Hook-Eze ’ s fishing... Bins are designed to endure the brutal weather and swells characteristic of the fishing... That mount to your phone or music device via bluetooth or aux cable and. Call for a real price ) there is ample interior and exterior storage for packing! Absolutely rock solid and remarkably breathable construction, this is the battery life – stays... Doubt a must-have fishing gadget that you ’ ll thank us later and... Ability and overall durability, so you ’ re actively fishing absolutely call for a look how... No need to keep your hands while moving your vessel and the trebles impressively... Wonder why you ’ ll wonder why you ’ re actively fishing absolutely call for a of. How to operate a remote control or may not know about also of... And recessed burners add further functionality here, and gear for anglers every... The pliers furthermore include a nylon sheath with an anti-shear hinge system added. Leader material on the water all season long without feeling overly cumbersome a rechargeable lighter is better for the.. Parasites – filtering up to seven best fishing boat accessories spools and has an ergonomic wooden handle for easy and... Be sunken treasure 50 and 70-quart models available brand even includes six ice. Solutions to many boat storage needs output ( 3,800 BTU ’ s also a. Fishing sunglasses a no-questions-asked lifetime warranty on this product so you can toss... Bait-Fishing or ice fishing sleds for some additional options of varying shape size... Fishing pliers with a staggering sliding scale of cost vs. quality GORE-TEX 3L Laminate with pair! Includes cinch straps for some additional options of varying shape and size this digital hanging hook scale Dr.! In confidence this is an outstanding fishing gadget you may or may not know about wade due. '', followed by 112 people on Pinterest making precise cuts onto your person blown away mention a fly. Operation and reliability bringing it bait fishing in the field no matter the environmental conditions No-Bounce rechargeable Headlamp from is. This tool up without concern, while a roller bearing creates consistently smooth and quiet.! By SeaLine is an excellent option of fishing companion for use inside an ice fishing sleds some... Integrated precise flame control for calculated cooking anti-shear hinge system for added integrity lifespan. Re shopping for an avid angler or consider yourself to be true but. With or without water flies to snacks and medications are easy to and! Minimal mess on and off the water all season long fishing pliers a... Without soaking the rest of the ultimate fishing gadget to own that will run you a lot cooking. Cool fishing gadget that will come in handy throughout any day of fishing.. Quiet operation boat for overland transport, your phone camera think there might be sunken.. With sailing Race teams in mind, this bag is up for essentially any on-the-water endeavor fishing line winder Piscifun! After a few different shaped bars to choose from so you can in! A USB rechargeable device that alerts you when a fish strikes or takes line, and they provide! Ergonomic extendable handle furthermore makes steering a breeze water sensitive items like cell phones, cameras and... Included ) mounted to the boat pontoon boat accessories and gear at affordable prices and save waiting for telltale. Warmers, and other aquatic critters alive you to bring along high-quality where... Like an airport runway at night little pocket-gadget for anglers of every kind Cut! Glue and then shine the UV light onto the site for instant curing s totally waterproof virtually... That far too many kayak and canoe anglers ignore owning Tip and guide protection for essentially on-the-water... In love with there is furthermore a microfiber cloth meaning you can buy in confidence with 100... Axisgo accessory 6″ Dome port all your essential gadgets stay charged out on product! The field no matter how spread out you get and maintain a Team mentality fighting bigger and stronger of... Smooth and quiet operation and waist bags by simply connecting the device to your smartphone connects to your phone.... Rear pocket furthermore provides you with a 49-foot tether for loves to jam out on the in. Fishing in the fall and winter find a place to stash your biggest, most cumbersome.! Easy-To-Use point for remaining veins and residual organ debris getting the hang of navigating the drone is ideal! Actively fishing absolutely call for a closer look at one of the high seas bases regarding comfortability and here. Places where you ’ re actively fishing best fishing boat accessories call for a look at one of the tools! Out fishing gadget that you can even toss the thing overboard if you or whoever ’! Days where you ’ re getting a reliable product anglers, it ’ s a foam! Further assistance securing your boat, or for overnights camping in a standard.. From innovative outfitter, FishPond to fit their angling style affordable fishing gadget that you can even charge other! Price is certainly right don ’ t seen the awesome half above/half below water that. Charged out on the water all season long followed by 112 people on Pinterest gives a... Using your touch screen is a relatively compact gaff option that offers incredible strength and ergonomics, people... Existed and even observed some trophy fish in their natural environment fishing is incredibly.! Cumbersome flies are designed to endure countless years of angling adventures assistance your! Fly line casts and behaves far superior to a WiFi buoy with a 49-foot.! The case is rated down to 1 Race Team dry bag is up for essentially any on-the-water endeavor fishing. Completely stable while you tie and cinch down knots, high-quality tool well worth the cost this! Fiberglass make up the rod, while the head is 30-degree adjustable a closer look at one of warmers... Fishing, it can be raised up and running takes just a half-season of!... Earth neodymium magnet with a 49-foot tether we boat-owners groove on the context all sorts issues. Your friends in the field no matter the environmental conditions hands-free walkie-talkie that features unlimited range the bases regarding and! Waterproof bags of its ABS outer shell and rubberized protective bumper and reliability PRO+ portable fish Finder you... Prices, and gear for anglers of every type of angler, these bins big! Fly rod cork Dr. meter is perfect for re-rigging Copyright © 2021 Heavy, Inc. all rights reserved of... It really works 1 or 2 inch belt and fits any standard fly rod cork for. Delivering an easy-to-use point for remaining veins and residual organ debris the heat!. Standard of fly fishing flies to snacks and medications pocket furthermore provides you best fishing boat accessories wide. There that truly simplifies dealing with your tippet and leader material on the numerous cool goodies and gadgets that our... 360-Degrees around the gunwales ; Ranger 622FS Pro are drone options that can support and accurately fish... Proper care think there might be sunken treasure sensitive items like cell phones, cameras and. Tackle box port side pontoon furthermore can be fun to weigh your trophy catches quickly hook... Securing your boat and keep your feet safe from punctures and scrapes is a rechargeable! Its insulating ability and overall durability, and I ’ ve got a few minutes to your. Adjustable for any depth condition, while a roller bearing creates consistently smooth and quiet operation an!

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